“Throw your soul through every open door…”

“Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold…”
— “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele

Thanksgiving is typically the time to be thankful, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being thankful on New Year’s Eve, right? I’d like to think that every year, I get a little wiser, but truly, I think I am much wiser today than I was 365 days ago and I don’t mean that in an egotistical way.

For many years, I’ve always talked about finding my passion and 2012 is certainly the year where my ducks are lining up. I am fortunate for many, many things and not all can be listed here because I’d be typing forever and you’d be reading forever, but here are some highlights in no particular order.

  • Travel: Each year, we fill our plate of places to see and this year was no different. Iceland in March with some amazing friends, Florida in February and May to visit family, St. Maarten and St. Barth’s in June to celebrate our anniversary, Canada in September for a friend’s wedding, Pennsylvania in November for a marathon and to visit friends, Virginia in November to spend Thanksgiving with family, and Georgia to spend the December holidays with friends and family. And, let’s not forget all of the special times in New York and New Jersey throughout the year.
  • Career: I started the year working for a financial services company, joined a non-profit, and now, I’m working for my alma mater. Through the highs and lows career-wise including a brief stint of self-induced unemployment, I am fortunate for the opportunities and for where I am now. It took seven years of soul-searching to finally have the guts to make some of the decisions I made this year, and there will be no looking back.
  • Running: It all started with a simple application to run the 2012 NYC Marathon with the Alzheimer’s Association Team Run to Remember. However, with a slight hiccup along the way, I made it on the team in June. That application will forever change my life. I met some of the greatest people through the training experience and even though we didn’t share the 2012 NYCM together, we shared a lot more through our laughter, sweat, and tears. I signed up to run the marathon because it was on my grandma’s birthday and while, I don’t usually believe in signs, I thought it was fate to run in her memory. For years, I’d complain about not having a passion or the time to try new things outside of work, but this year, my grandma helped me find my passion for running and a great group of friends while doing it. In 2012, I ran my first (and second) half-marathon and first full marathon, and every time I run, it will always be in her memory. She realized that I didn’t want my time with our team to end and decided it would be better if we had all winter and 2013 to train together!
  • Friends: I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful friends I have in my life. I think about all the tears, laughter, and smiles we shared over the year and it makes me excited to think about what is in store for 2013. I am fortunate to have attended a number of weddings for our dear friends this year including being a bridesmaid for one of my oldest friend’s wedding, and to help celebrate the excitement of new additions to their families.
  • Family: I was at dinner with my dad’s side of the family the other night and we were discussing some fond memories from growing up. All of that reminiscing helps realize that even though we may have lost loved ones along the way, we are fortunate for the memories and truly love and enjoy every minute we spend together. In my opinion, there is never enough time for family gatherings; as you part ways each time, I always wish there was more time together. However, I cannot wait for the upcoming plans to see all four sides of the family in early 2013!
With some of my family at dinner in NYC the other night
Thank you to my mom and dad-in-law! Josh and I enjoyed our first breakfast of the month club meal!
As Josh used to say to me often, I am never happy. There was always something I wanted to change, but for once, I am happy, content, and fulfilled. It has been an incredible year, and everything is falling into place. I am so grateful for all of the support from my friends and family to reach this point. 2012 was a bit of a selfish year for me, I spent a lot of it focused on me, whether it was jobs or running or something else that preoccupied my time, but I promise in 2013, I will be more focused on my loved ones. So with that, I am excited to ring in the new year later this evening and wish everyone a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2013!

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