Why do you do this to yourself?

Why do you do this to yourself?

  • Your legs feel like they weigh about 200 pounds… each.
  • Everyone is running faster than you… except for those who are slower but still.
  • Everyone is wearing shorts and a t-shirt, why are you wearing layers and pants? Of course there are those who are wearing sweats, but they’re just insane.
  • Wouldn’t sitting on the couch watching TV be a lot more fun?
  • Or what about all the work you have to do still?
  • There are puddles everywhere. You can’t get your new, bright running shoes wet and dirty.
  • Stupid, the chiropractor told you not to run as much so you can feel better from your dumb snow tubing injury…
  • You’re tired from staying up until 1AM watching the Bachelor finale.

You do this to yourself because…

  • Even though you ran 8+ on Sunday, went to barre class yesterday, you can.
  • Someone needs to make the faster runners feel good about themselves by going slower than them.
  • You don’t like being cold and you’d rather sweat than be cold. Plus, who is used to running in 50 degree weather anyway?
  • Indulging in that bowl of ice cream later while sitting on the couch watching TV will be that much more rewarding and guilt-free.
  • Your work is at the office and it will still be there tomorrow. You will just have to work extra hard during the day.
  • At least it’s not raining and if you wear out these shoes, you can get new ones in a brighter, more obnoxious color.
  • Someone has to keep him in business and plus, you like your ice maker so much, you’re looking forward to icing your back afterwards.
  • Duh, if Sean Lowe can find time to run while taping the show, it should be easy for you to find time. And have you seen his abs?
However, in all seriousness, I do this to myself because I can, because I enjoy it, because Josh is still at work, because some crazy person signed herself up for at least two more half-marathons and two marathons this year, because if I didn’t you’d (my two followers) see it on my blog that I hadn’t run in days (and that’d be embarrassing!), and more importantly, I run because it’s my time to remind myself how lucky I am and to thank my grandma for getting me into this mess!
P.S. I also run because I cannot take for granted the view I am so fortunate to see every day.
Do you ever have one of those runs where nothing feels right? How do you overcome the physical and mental roadblock?

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