You know you’re in a funk when…

  • You stink at everything you do. Well, not everything, just almost all physical activity, including…
    • A new class at a new studio called Next Stop; Skinny at Work it Out; this was a total body circuits class… where I (I mean, you) proved to be a complete fail within the first five minutes of class. You weren’t able to even complete the core warm up! Sure, you can run marathons, but you can’t make it through a circuits class without making a complete fool of yourself.
    • Your regular Top Shelf Barre class at Local Barre was impossibly difficult. I mean, come on, this is a regular class for you… and you struggle through the whole class, unable to maintain form in any of the poses or routines.
    • Your legs getting tired within the first 0.25 miles of running outside. Sure, you did this run after a barre class, but hey, you’ve doubled up on your workouts before and felt fine.
  • You’re excited when the rain cancels your team practice and you’re excited to run inside on a treadmill.
  • You feel better running on a treadmill than you do outside (and keep in mind, you used to hate treadmill running).
    • You were able to run over six miles easily at a decent pace on a treadmill with an incline, but you go outside for a run today and you run over a minute slower per mile and was only able to make it a little over two miles…
  • All your workout clothes do not feel like they fit.
    • My (I mean, your) shorts felt too tight along the waist band; they were squeezing your fat core mid-section that couldn’t manage the core exercises.
    • The same shorts kept riding up and made your legs feel fat. (borderline of too much information…?)
    • These are the same shorts you tried on last week and decided to keep them instead of donating since you’d give them one more chance first.
    • These shorts are going to be donated… after they are washed of course.
  • Your feet hurt. You may be developing plantar fasciitis, why? You don’t know… you’re wearing new sneakers. Maybe it’s the circuits class?
  • You complain about your day at work even though you had a pretty good day when your husband asks you about it.
  • You’ve been extremely exhausted when you wake up every morning this week and your body feels like it’s so sore you can barely get out of bed.
  • You just feel like complaining about everything…
It’s obvious I’m not referring to me when I write in the third person, right? Odd, yes, I’m weird and crazy. But I am really having one of those weeks and it’s only been three days into the week. The bright side though is…
  • I am acknowledging my craziness and negative thoughts, now I just find a way to relax! šŸ™‚
  • We received our All-Star Game tickets in the mail yesterday!
  • I stopped to appreciate the view of my run even though I really dislike people who stop to take pictures while running. I think this goes back to the runners in the Miami Marathon who stopped in the first mile to take a picture of the sunrise. Sure, it’s gorgeous, but you’re running a marathon!
  • Nike+ support may have solved the problem I had with tagging some of my runs with my new Asics Nimbus 15s. Lets hope this keeps up…
  • I remember vividly all the great runs I’ve ran and how amazing I felt afterwards… all the days I think I will go out for four and it ends up being eight miles later or all the race PRs. These are enough to keep me going, right?!?! 
And tomorrow is another day, and I will try to conquer another run with an open and clear mind!
Time to go on my foam roller and Foot Rubz Massage Ball while watching Royal Pains… 
What do you do to help overcome a funk?

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