The support needed for a marathon…

Distance running is a very individual sport. Part of what I liked about being involved in the track and field programs in high school and college is that while there is a team atmosphere, you’re in control of your performance (not all, like relays). The same can be said for distance running to some extent.

The silliness running with our group brings out…

Last week, I had a tough week at work and training. Coming off of Labor Day weekend and then a day off on Friday, I had to cram five days of work (and maybe even more) into three days. With the travel season starting this week, I had even more to prepare and plan for in my three days. On top of that, I wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday and had to miss one of arguably the toughest workouts of the season. Oh, and the weekend was jam packed with a housewarming/birthday party in Philadelphia, 17-mile run, and a surprise baby shower. By the time Sunday night rolled around, I felt like I ran marathon (I guess I was really only nine miles short), but the week honestly felt like a marathon. It’s a good thing I like marathons, huh? I can honestly say that without my team, friends, and family, the week would not have gone as smoothly or a lot worse.

We are such an awesome pool of purple!

When debating whether or not to rush out of work on Thursday to hopefully make one weekday practice last week, Josh was really encouraging about how I should make a real effort to join especially since I missed Tuesday and would be missing both weekday practices this week. He really does know me a lot better than I do. Meeting up with the team and running a little over six miles together was really what I needed for my mental health. I don’t necessarily have to commute into NYC to run the distance, but meeting up with the team makes it all worth it. It is amazing the camaraderie we’ve developed as a group in just two months!

Yes, I am a bag lady this weekend…

When I’m at social events with friends and family, it is nice to know that I have the support from everyone for being lame. Yes, lame – I barely drink, I am super conscious of what I eat, I need to leave events early to get enough sleep, and if I am coming from a run, I am carrying bags of dirty and smelly running clothes and shoes! Oh and did I mention, I had to borrow (I guess use is a better word) from Coach Brian since I didn’t have enough time to go home first before the surprise shower.

Training for the marathon is individual and “selfish” – I am in control of how much training I do, how much time and focus I give it, all while sacrificing spending time with your loved ones. However, successfully training for a marathon is not, and for that I am truly grateful for the continued inspiration and support of my teammates, coaches, family, and friends.


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