Bouncing back with fun runs…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. I have also been traveling every day for work for the last two weeks, driving somewhere between 100-150 miles a day. Let’s just say you don’t really realize how much you miss being connected until you are not able to be as connected as you’d like. Traveling also throws me off my routine for eating, sleeping, and running, which I absolutely hate.

Since my blunder in the Newport Liberty Half Marathon, I have been making conscious efforts to enjoy my runs.

Tuesday mile repeats with the team: A teammate asked if we were twerking, no of course not. It was kind of like an upside down patty-cake game after five mile repeats. I think we were a little delirious by that point.

Electric run in Brooklyn: I made a stop to Target’s dollar section and stocked up on anything glowing that I could find and my tutu (though that wasn’t a dollar).

Athletes to End Alzheimer’s representing in the Electric Run
Some of the team with Mary Wittenberg and Peter Ciaccia

Bronx 10-miler: This was the first race since the half marathon and I was mandated to have fun by Coach Brian. Though I ran hard, it was an amazing course heading north along Grand Concourse and back. My family has some deep roots in the Bronx so it was also interesting looking on a map afterwards to see where I was in relation to each of the family landmarks.

Tuesday fartleks: The name of this workout sounds fun-er than it actually was. However, as with any not-so-fun practice, you need to make it fun by being ridiculous. I sure accomplished this one.

I think it’s pretty ironic the NYPD Police carts are the background…
Walkaway Over The Hudson in the background

Long run along the Hudson Valley: We were at a wedding at Buttermilk Falls Inn in Milton, NY (the same weekend that the team was running Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon). Since I had two weekends of shorter than planned long runs, I was worried about being away. However, I was able to run 14-miles along a very scenic Hudson River Valley starting at the Walkway Over The Hudson into Poughkeepsie back over the Mid-Hudson Bridge and out/back along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail (page 2 of this brochure shows a rough map of my run). We have a very different view of the Hudson River from Hoboken and it was absolutely gorgeous to run through the area along the river about 70 miles north of us.

Hudson Valley Rail Trail (about 3.5 miles from start to end of the trail, 7 miles in total)
Mid-Hudson Bridge

All in all, I’ve had a great couple of weeks. Though travel is still continuing, I am hoping I can stay strong mentally and physically for the week (my 20-miler is Saturday and then starts the taper period) and for the next month (can’t believe the marathon is in 28 days).

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