Tracking me during the NYC Marathon

Family, friends, virtual fans –

Thank you for your support during my year and a half long journey to the NYC Marathon. I can’t believe it is less than a week away. Time flies and hopefully I will too on race day (I know dorky pun). 
There are a number of ways to track me on race day:
  • Spiritually – please send me all your well (and fast wishes)!
  • Online at a computer and/or text messages – check back on the marathon website the morning of the race (Sunday, November 3rd)
  • Marathon app – check back on the marathon website in a couple of days to download the app
  • Twitter – follow me @cindyruns, I may be coordinated enough to tweet while running or smart enough to designate a tweeter to tweet for me!
  • Live in any of the five boroughs – see spreadsheet below with a breakdown of when I anticipate to be at each mile marker (course map), note that the times estimated below are the expected earliest I will be at each location due to the delay in start plus a very aggressive pace plan (please email or text me if you will be on course, so I can be sure to look out for you)
    • Bib number: 34542
    • Clothing: I’ll likely be wearing my purple Alzheimer’s singlet with my name on the front, black bottoms (haven’t decided on shorts or pants yet), purple hat, and may be purple arm warmers depending on how cold it will be. 
    • **Finish area – if you think you will be near the finish, please let me know so I can coordinate for me to see you for more than two seconds!
Thank you all and look forward to recapping the race!

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