My love hate relationship with the treadmill

Here’s a summary of my week of training just so you can get an idea of my love hate relationship with the treadmill…

Monday – 3 mile easy treadmill run before work + swim class after work
Mondays have really become a favorite workout day. I like waking up, putting on shorts and a t-shirt, and heading downstairs to the treadmill for a quick run and I really look forward to my swim classes. I just hate showering so many times in a day.

Tuesday – 1.6 mile warmup to the track + 4 x 800’s at 10K pace with 400 meter recovery in between + 1.6 cool down
While I sometimes sit at work dreading having to run outside later (since it’s still cold), I do love the idea of the track. In high school, I hated speed work. Ironic, right? I was a sprinter too. I hated anything more than 100 meters because it felt like my heart was going to burst. I also never took running seriously back then. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve really enjoyed the track workouts and 400 meters really just doesn’t seem as daunting as it used to be. I think 400 meter tracks shrunk since I was in high school.

Wednesday – Barre class before work + 5 mile run in Central Park with teammate (was supposed to be 3 miles easy but instead it was faster and longer)
How I manage to get up twice in one week to workout before work is beyond me. I don’t get to go to barre classes as often now that I have swim and the half training plan so I really enjoy the days I get to go. After work, I met up with my teammate, Julio for a run in Central Park. The last time I ran in the park was on the dreadfully freezing Manhattan Half Marathon day. While I was excited to have a running buddy, I was really dreading the hills. I am such a wimp. The run ended being much more than the easy run I was supposed to do. We ran 5 miles slightly slower than my half marathon pace. I was able to hold a conversation, but I could definitely feel it. Nice to have a friend for the push though.

Thursday – 45 minute tempo run along the Hudson River
This is the first tempo run I’ve run outside since October. The last couple of weeks, I was running these on the treadmill. It’s so easy on the treadmill, you don’t have to think. Set the speed to your desired pace and you’re all set. Outside, I felt so out of my element. I didn’t know how far to go for my warmup and then I was confused about the right pace to start the “tempo” part of the run at. My legs felt fatigued after 2 miles and I forced myself to keep running. It was miserable and it was windy out. My average pace ended up being close to half marathon pace but everything felt off, kind of like my pace run last weekend.

Friday – rest
I learned to really enjoy rest days. No waking up early, no workout after work, and only one shower in a day. Amazing! My Nike Fuelband feels differently though. I more than exceed my daily fuel goal every day but Fridays.

Saturday – 0.5 mile warmup + 4 miles at HM pace + 0.5 mile cool down on the treadmill
Even though it was a nice day, I couldn’t stomach the idea of attempting another pace run outside (I realize I shouldn’t be this dependent on the treadmill). It was just so much easier to set the treadmill and go. However, this time I started the warmup at a much slower pace then worked my way up to HM goal pace by increasing the pace every half mile to keep it interesting. I finished feeling great. 

Sunday – 93 minute (was supposed to be 105 minutes) long run for a total of almost 10 miles along the West Side Highway with teammates
Thank goodness for running friends because if it weren’t for them, I probably would have stayed in bed. I could barely keep my eyes open through breakfast and even though I don’t normally drink coffee before a long run, I had to have a cup today. I also don’t know how just a couple months ago, I ran 90 minutes on a treadmill. This winter really forces you to do crazy things. This morning, I met up with my teammates, Julio and Tania for a run along the West Side Highway. We went south from 39th Street to the Staten Island ferry and back. The run ended up being slightly less than 10 miles, completed in 93 minutes. I guess I could have kept running for another 12 minutes but having not run my long run last weekend, I felt like I didn’t need the push today. Next weekend though, I’ll really need to make sure I meet the time.

All smiles afterwards!

You’re probably wondering if this was just a random brain dump of my week. And it is, but the moral of the story is that I like treadmills for tempo and pace runs, track for intervals, and outside in general for easy and longer runs and meeting up with friends (of course only when it’s not frigid out). I need to get over this fear of the outdoors for tempo and pace runs. Marathon training season and the warmer weather are right around the corner. However, for now, I’m going to be a wimp and take advantage of the colder weather as an excuse.

P.S. I love my new Oiselle t-shirt and I love the story of Kara Goucher teaming up with them. #runlove

How do you feel about the treadmill?

What’s your favorite running clothing brand?

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