Random brain dump – runs, friends, and swimming

I feel accomplished this past week. Here goes a completely random update:

I woke up early to workout on Wednesday
I definitely surprised myself by getting out of bed when my alarm went off a little after 6:15AM (I actually don’t know what time my alarm is set to because I had to have one of these “fancy” non-digital clocks so I can feel grown up!). I signed up for a barre class so I knew that if I missed it, I would be upset with myself for wasting a pretty expensive session.

I completed a tempo run on Thursday
I liked the feeling of accomplishment so much after my intervals in Florida that I decided on a tempo run but on a treadmill on Thursday. I ran a 12-minute warmup followed by a 36-minute tempo run at half-marathon pace (random number so I could get to the full 60 minutes that the treadmill will allow me) and then a 12-minute cool down.

I am starting to really hate the treadmill, especially for long(er) runs
The treadmill and I have always had a love-hate relationship. On Saturday, I really wanted to tackle 10 miles, again no reason why except that I wanted to get into double digits. My stride felt off, my shorts (though these were one of my favorites) kept riding up, and overall, I just felt sluggish and only managed a little over 7 miles. Though I like snow days so I can work from home, I am really tired of this cold and would like to be able to run outside again.

I ran a 5K on Sunday
On Sunday, I met up with a couple of teammates and we ran the Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K. I didn’t race it; I actually ran it slower than I did last year. Because of the darn snow, there were still patches of snow/ice on the road and potholes everywhere. Also, it was super crowded and I think I spent the two full miles zig-zagging and dodging people. However, it is still a favorite course as it goes through Fort Tyron Park and the Cloisters all overlooking the Hudson River.

Josh attempting to save me half of each
cookie at our friends’ apartment

I had a very social last week
I ate dinner or ran with so many friends in the last week. It really reminds me of how lucky I am. I am lucky for all the friends I meet through all different walks of life whether it is from previous jobs, current job, middle school, friends of friends, or running friends. They are all awesome people and even if we don’t see each other all the time, when we meet up, it’s as if no time has passed. Also, on the social front, Josh and I went to see Machinal on Broadway right before it closed. We’re don’t go to shows often, but in the last two weeks we’ve seen two shows, this one and Dinner with Friends. Both are excellent, about relationships, and really makes you think. I highly recommend Roundabout Theater Company productions.

I made some key running decisions this weekend
After going back and forth for a couple of weeks, I decided to run the Long Branch Half Marathon (now I just need to sign up). I was originally thinking about the full since one of my friends is signed up for it but due to injury, she’ll likely end up running the half so I decided to join her. I also honestly don’t think I am ready to race a marathon with less than two months of training. It seems like a smarter idea to focus training on a half marathon. I’ll have two chances at that distance – this one at the end of April and then the Brooklyn Half Marathon in mid-May. I’m also excited for the Long Branch Half because I ran the full last year so I know the course and since my cousin is running the full there, I’ll hopefully get to cheer her on afterwards. Since I won’t be running a spring marathon, I am really considering running one (or two) this fall. I am still deciding which ones though.

Dove dark chocolates are better than fortune
cookies! This was my “fortune” today and
it totally inspired me.

I am taking swimming lessons starting next week
Along the making decisions front, I finally decided to sign up for the swim lessons that I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of weeks. I’ve taken swim lessons before and I really stink at it. My real issue is that I cannot breathe right with each stroke so I sink. More to come on how I do and what I think of the lessons. If I can get my act together, maybe I’ll have a triathlon in my future. Ha, wishful thinking (for now at least)!

Enough of my random rambling update. How was your weekend? Any big decisions made recently?

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