Running shoes comparison + half marathon training plan

Running Shoes Comparison

Have I told you how big of an Excel dork I am? It’s probably my most favorite computer program of all time. What better way to compare your running shoes than in Excel?

I promised a review of my Saucony Ride 6 running shoes about a month ago but I waited until I had the chance to take it out for a variety of runs first before I can give it a comprehensive evaluation. I thought the best way to review a pair of shoes is to compare it to recent ones I’ve also worn. 
Asics Nimbus Lite-Show 15: It’s a great shoe, consistent and very reliable. I’ve worn a variation of the Nimbus in 3 of my 4 marathons. It never really occurred to me how much heavier the shoe was until I tried the Saucony’s. The cushion is amazing but I have always had a problem with the lacing, somehow the laces are always too short and I can’t seem to avoid blisters on the long runs. However, my feet feel snug (in a good way, versus feeling loose) in the shoes. 
Brooks Glycerin 11: I really wanted to try a different style and brand so during last year’s off season, I tried the Brooks. I ended up wearing through two pairs of these shoes including running the NYC Marathon in them as well. I have wide feet but the shoes actually feel too wide and at times I feel like they are too loose. However, through all of my long runs/races, I didn’t have too many problems with blisters even though I wore the same type of socks. They have a lot of cushion and the lacing is better than that of the Asics (at least for me). I retired the Brooks recently and tried a new style because I just wasn’t loving the feel when I run. I had only 150 or so miles on it, but the shoes were feeling too big.
Saucony Ride 6: These shoes feel so much lighter than the Asics or Brooks and right now, I really love them. There’s still a good amount of cushion and don’t feel too tight around my foot. The lacing is great on them and my stride feels really comfortable. I have yet to take them out on a run longer than 9-10 miles so I will have to update my review if I feel differently. The weight of these shoes also feel great for speed workouts whereas the Asics feel a little bulky. I also like how the price point is less on these!
Half Marathon Training Plan

Not from my speed workout, but the long run.
Just a reminder of the amazing views.

I’m excited to be training for something! Instead of trying to wing the next two half marathons, I figured I should follow a real training plan. The one I am following is Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Program for Advanced Runners. I started a bit late into the plan but last week was my week 5 on the plan as I prepare for the Long Branch Half Marathon on April 27th. So far I’ve been pretty good sticking to the plan and incorporating all of the recommended speed work. Tonight I went for my 6x400s out on a track, probably the first time I’ve done speed work on a track since college, over a decade ago and felt great! The track is also in a pretty neat location as it overlooks the Hudson River and the NYC skyline. I am such a spoiled runner with these gorgeous views.

Are you training for anything specific?

P.S. I love this Find Your Perfect Shoe website by Mizuno and I wish all running shoe companies would come out with one as well or maybe Runner’s World can create a non-brand biased one.

P.P.S. Last week I also mentioned swim lessons in my random brain dump. Did I tell you that Josh said he would consider doing a triathlon with me? Mark my words (it’s in print now)! I had my first lesson last night and even though I was 15 minutes late (ha), it was still a pretty good class. I am excited that it is small, just me and one other woman, and I seem to like the instructor so far. The lessons are taught in a pool with a adaptable depth – so cool – but I prefer the shallow end now.

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