Glasses and Long Branch Half Marathon

This is an unplanned, abnormal middle of the week post but that’s okay because today was one of those weird days.

I mentioned in my last post that I ran my long run last weekend with glasses on. Did I mention how obsessed I am with contacts? That I go crazy at the thought of having to wear my glasses for more than a couple hours? It drives me bananas when I have to wear glasses days at a time due to some eye issue.

I have been to two doctors and I finally have a diagnosis on my recent eye condition. The primary care doctor thought I had allergies and perhaps a slight infection. They recommended I continue with Claritin and use antibiotic eye drops for a week (which would be tomorrow). Last night, I had really blurry vision for a couple of hours and it was even worst when I was driving home from a work event later in the evening. The blurriness in my vision kept going in and out and today I finally went to my eye doctor. She diagnosed me with corneal erosion, which sounds a lot worst (and looks a lot worst on a chart when you compare a healthy cornea with a bad one) than I feel. Basically, the film covering my cornea is eroding and as a result I have blurry vision. This can be caused for many reasons but she thinks that in my case it may be caused from the contact lens solution. I guess over time, your eye starts to reject the chemicals that are in the solution thus causing this condition. So I am telling you all this because I will be wearing my glasses for at least another two more weeks. Ugh! And that also means I will be running the Long Branch Half Marathon this weekend in glasses (and won’t be able to try out my new running sunglasses). Ugh ugh ugh! (Yes, I am grateful that is nothing more serious, but please just let me vent about having to wear my glasses longer.)

So this Sunday is the Long Branch Half Marathon. I am excited and nervous at the same time for the race. I have my heart set on a PR on this race; I had a good training cycle; but I am trying not think about it too much. I have a goal time, but also trying not to think about that too much as well. The last time I thought about a PR too much for a half marathon, it did not end well. It’s a good thing between work, my eyes, and a baby shower on Saturday, I have plenty of distractions leading up to the race! If you’d like to track me, you can register here, I really don’t know why they make you set up an account (sorry, that’s kind of annoying). My bib number is 12677 and the start time is 6:45 which means it probably doesn’t make too much sense to track me since hopefully I’ll be done by the time you wake up!

And finally, I leave you with today’s random facts of how much I love pasta and Trader Joe’s. It’s actually more like how much I love Trader Joe’s pasta! Now that Passover is over and I have a race on Sunday, I can eat all the carbs I want! Since I was home from work today (because of the eye), I made pasta for lunch. I love Trader Joe’s brown rice and quinoa pasta and marinara sauce. I love it so much that I am having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Now, this is why I run! 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend? Any big races?

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