Abu Dhabi

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Bangalore, India! A quick recap of my past week in pictures:

En route to India, we had a layover in Abu Dhabi. Instead of a couple hours in the airport, we spent two nights there.

View from the hotel room
I ate some really yummy food while there and spent a short time on a movie set riding in a stunt car (yes, I’m serious and no, I can’t share pictures, but maybe at a later date).
Salmon quinoa salad with citrus vinaigrette dressing (so yummy!)
Variety of grilled meats at Lebanese Flower Restaurant (incredible!)
I also hung out by the beach and pool at the hotel as well. It’s over 100 degrees there, so that is one of the few ways to survive the days!
Sunset overlooking the beach
I finally ran after many days off since the Long Branch Half Marathon. The gym at the hotel was immaculate. There was water and a towel at every treadmill and they restocked and cleaned as soon as someone finished. The treadmill also had games built into the touch screen. I played “Four in a Row” while running, clearly I wasn’t running very fast.
You don’t see the result of this game or the many others I played, I think I lost 95% of the time at every level – easy, medium, and hard. Clearly I can’t run and play Four in a Row at the same time. 
And we went to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which was absolutely incredible. No other words or pictures can describe how amazing it looks there.
Panoramic from the iPhone
Pictures are supposed to be best when the sun is setting

The week has felt surreal (I’m not usually this interesting) and it’s only Monday!

How was your week and weekend?

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