Tracking me during NYC Marathon!

On Sunday, I will be tackling my 6th marathon, 2nd time in NYC (though 3rd attempt), and 2nd marathon in 3 weeks (what am I thinking?!?) with the Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of my grandma.

Two years ago, Hurricane Sandy hit and it has been a wild distance running ride since then. Running a marathon is not easy and but I know being related to, friends with, or married to one is even harder. I appreciate all the continued support, more than you’ll ever know. From listening to me rant about my runs, being picky about what I eat and drink, having to see my updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog be only about running, being flexible with your schedules when hanging out with me, to all the texts, calls, donations to the Alzheimer’s Association and for just being so patient with me. It all means the WORLD to me.

So if you’re not tired of me or my running fiascos yet and you have hours of free time on Sunday (!), you can track my progress through the 5 boroughs a number of ways:

Online or mobile app – check out the website here. My bib number is 23173.

Twitter – ha, I’m not that coordinated that I can tweet while I run, but hey you never know. Follow #cindyrunsnyc and @cindyruns.

In one or more of the boroughs – if you’re out and about in NYC on Sunday, you probably won’t be able to make it very far without being overwhelmed by all the marathon supporters! If that’s the case you might as well join the party. Josh and my family will be cheering for me from 3 locations — in Brooklyn (location to be confirmed) and Manhattan (the Alzheimer’s Association cheering stations at 110th/1st Ave and 110th/5th Ave). Let us know if you will be around and we will be on a lookout for you during and after the race.

I will be wearing my purple Alzheimer’s Association singlet (with my name in gold), a white hat (maybe blue, I haven’t decided yet!), purple arm warmers (because everyone is predicting crazy winds and cold weather for the weekend, eekkk!), black shorts and purple compression calf sleeves. Look for bib #23173! I am starting in Wave 2, Blue Corral at 10:05AM. If you think you will be on the course, here is a rough (somewhat aggressive) timeline of when I think I will be at each location:

Please don’t hold me to these times! I am not quite sure how my legs feel about this back-to-back marathon thing yet. Regardless, I thank you for continuing to be patient with me and I hope to share an awesome recap with you all next week.

Big hugs!




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