Friday Favorites #2

It’s that time of week again. At the rate I blog, you’ll only be reading Friday Favorites from me. I’m sorry and hopefully I will be over this busy hump soon.

Like the blanket and the yoga blocks on the lower shelf?

Like the blanket and the yoga blocks on the lower shelf?

My nook – that’s what I call it. It’s my little corner of the apartment (well, I have a lot of corners) but the one I designed to intentionally look intellectual. I’m supposed to sit there and read in my free time. Haha, what free time? Anyway, I don’t have a desk at home, so when my small piles of clutter started taking up room on the kitchen counter and Josh started nagging (it takes him a while to get to that point), I knew I had to find a way to organize. Enter this new rolling shelf from CB2 which will hopefully be versatile piece and cool new containers from The Container Store. I love my little corner even more now.

I really should have included a picture of me wearing them, huh?

I really should have included a picture of me wearing them, huh?

Cole Haan Oxford Shoes – I’m so excited that the weather warming up means I can wear these shoes more. I’m having one of those weeks and just wearing these shoes to work one day changed my attitude. They feel like I’m wearing running sneakers so I can’t help but feel peppy!

If you look here:, you'll see pictures of me wearing this!

If you look here:, you’ll see pictures of me wearing this!

CamelBak Circuit Hydration Vest – I survived my 20-miler on Sunday because of this vest. I really hate running with water in my hand and in the winter with all the layers, I’m not a fan of the belts either. This vest is perfect. It fits snug and I was able to carry more water than I would normally with a fuel belt. I barely feel the weight on my back as it is equally distributed. Also, I don’t need to stop to drink water. The only problem is what I will do during the actual race, but supposedly running with extra weight on your back for long runs = feeling lighter during the race and makes you go faster. Hey, whatever it takes for me to run faster right?

Apple and Christy Turlington Burns – Okay, so I’m in love with basically everything Apple announced on Monday but I guess that was to be expected, they just have that effect on me. But the biggest announcement that excited me was that Christy Turlington Burns was running the London Marathon with her Apple watch and her goal time is my goal time! I’m trying to convince Josh that in order for me to run sub-4 in London, I’ll need an Apple watch, though I’m not sure he’s convinced and rightfully so because I’m not convinced that the new watch is a better substitute for my Garmin. Regardless, I’m just excited the London Marathon was a part of the big announcement at the event.

"The lights will inspire you Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York"

“The lights will inspire you Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York”

Central Park – the weather has been warming up in the New York / New Jersey area. I haven’t run on a treadmill in over a week (well I lied, until last night when I was scared of the wind, the warmer weather really spoils you) and it’s helping me fall in love with Central Park all over again. After work is a perfect time in the park, there are no cars and lots of runners everywhere. When it gets dark, you can see all the bright lights. Also, I can run in just one layer. Man, I feel so free.

Cheering for friends during the NYC Half – I’m bummed that I won’t be able to cheer for everyone live from the race but excited to have the app ready to go for Sunday morning. This is one of the first years that the weather for the half won’t be freezing (crossing my fingers for everyone). I loved every minute of the race when I ran it and looking forward to hearing all about everyone’s experiences.

#TBT (though it's not Thursday) to the 2013 NYC Half

#TBT (though it’s not Thursday) to the 2013 NYC Half

Interesting reads from the weekNew models are challenging the traditional structure of a pyramid training plan and 12 Signs You’re Sick of Winter (I’m guilty of 10 of the 12)

Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to everyone racing this weekend! 

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