Friday Favorites #9 – good reads

Happy Friday! I had every intention of my next post to be about changes I’d make in my next training cycle, but I just don’t have the heart to write it yet. For once after a marathon, I’m not itching to run another, not yet at least. Plus I woke up on Wednesday morning with some hip pain again, so I’ve taken it easier than I’ve already been doing this recovery. I am running the Brooklyn Half Marathon next Saturday, so I hope I can get back into my running groove soon.

Instead, here are some of my favorite reads/tips/wish list items from the week:

Taking a Run Break – Hearing about others who aren’t currently overzealous about running is helping me feel better about taking a break from running because I know…

That Marathon Was More Painful Than You Remember – Please remind me of this when in three months (when I feel that the London Marathon was 10% less painful) or in six months (when I feel that it was 20% less painful) and I want to sign up for another marathon (oh, and yes I’m already signed up for two other fall marathons, what was I thinking?).

8 Reasons You Should Never Date A Runner – Sorry, Josh for #2, 4, 6, 7, and 8! At least for #8, we travel to cool places.

Chicago Marathon Lottery By Numbers – I love the Chicago Marathon so I loved reading this article about the percentage of runners who get in by lottery. That is how I got my chance at running it last year so I am very excited for everyone to have the chance to run the scenic course and in such a great city.

#fbf to my favorite picture from the Chicago Marathon

#fbf to my favorite picture from the Chicago Marathon (I know I’ve used this picture over and over in my blog. I love it so much, it never gets old – for me at least!)

Why You Should Have A Quiver Of Running Shoes – This is how I justify buying so many pairs of running shoes throughout the year even if I am on a running break!

7 Lessons Learned From A Running Group – Everyone has heard me go on and on about how much I love my running team and this article reinforces some of the benefits of running with a group, especially #1, 2, and 7!

The best team ever

The best running group ever

How To Clean A Yoga Mat – This is such a random tip but after traveling with my lightweight mat, which I love by the way, I need to sanitize it. Plus the one I have at home that is permanently laid out on the floor (still too lazy to put it away), that needs to be cleaned too!

A bad picture of my poor downward dog pose on our patio in Santorini (at least the backdrop looks nice)

A bad picture of my poor downward dog pose on our patio in Santorini (at least the backdrop looks nice).

Kindle Wish List – I wish I spent/had more time to read. Vacation is usually the best time for me to do this but it’s a shame I didn’t plan well for this last trip. Regardless, here are some of my running-related reading wish list items — Meb for Mortals (how can one not love Meb?), The Happiness Project (not exactly running related, but I think it will help improve the mental aspect of running), The Art of Eating Well: Hemsley and Hemsley (such great insights to eating well and recipe ideas), Anatomy for Runners (I’m guilty of wishing I paid more attention in biology and anatomy and physiology classes), and on the wish list is to finally finish the Advanced Marathoning book that I bought over two years ago!

My guilty pleasure (US Weekly) – I came back from vacation with three weeks of US Weekly’s waiting for me in the mailbox. I need to get cracking on these otherwise I will know very delayed celebrity gossip!

We're up to 4 now including the one that came today!

We’re up to 4 now including the one that came today!

With that, I should probably go read something. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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