Labor Day Weekend Recap

We had the best Labor Day Weekend. I have a feeling this 4 day week will feel much longer than 4 days.

My long run on Saturday took us over three bridges (Williamsburg, Pulaski, and Queensboro) and through three boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens).


Just coming off of the Williamsburg Bridge means we need to stop for a picture.


This was only a couple blocks away in Brooklyn but such a cool background.


It’s time for some fueling right before tackling the Queensboro Bridge.


And post-16+ miles later, we were all thirsty for Juice Press. Thank you for the free juices. We will always #runforjuice on Saturday mornings.

After a quick nap and real food, Josh and I made our way back into the city to meet a friend.


We saw this gorgeous sunset in the West Village on our way to EN Japanese Brasserie. To kick off our evening, we had some amazing cocktails, freshly-made tofu, and stone grilled chicken (interesting combination of food?).

Then it was off to Barbuto. Jonathan Waxman is one of my all time favorite chefs. The last time we were at Barbuto, I was having a bad day and barely remember the meal. This time, I will definitely remember the experience. After waiting over an hour (what happened to NYC being quiet on a long weekend?), we were finally seated. It was well worth the wait though because our table was the corner one right on Washington Street. The weather was perfect and there was no better way to spend Saturday night than enjoying amazing food with even better company.


This picture really does not do the food justice. The hanger steak, mushroom risotto, and potatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had. We also ordered the chicken, two appetizers, and what ended up being three desserts. Let’s just say it was a very satisfying evening with big bellies.


On Sunday, we were in Stamford for the day. If you squint really hard (or zoom in on the picture), you can see the Manhattan skyline in the background.


And on Monday, we enjoyed our labor-free day with brunch at Rintintin with friends and hanging out with my favorite little one. Though she was not enjoying my company very much on Monday.

It was quite the NYC weekend and unfortunately, one that unofficially marks the end of the summer.

Tell me all about your weekend or since the weekend was so long ago, you can tell me what your plans are for this upcoming one. 






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