2015 TCS NYC Marathon (ah, it’s tomorrow!)

I’ve enjoyed the week leading up the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon. Relaxed, calm, and not really thinking about this really long run I have to do tomorrow. Not relaxed or calm thinking about the move, new job, and sale of our apartment though!

I’m so lucky to enjoy this experience for the 4th straight time (well, technically 3rd race) and this year, NYRR has really topped it with the pre-race festivities this year.

I volunteered last Sunday at the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-miler and got to cheer on some of my teammates and watch the winners of the race whiz by.


The marathon pavilion was under construction during the race and later that day it was open to the public. I got to enjoy some of the displays with my teammates during practice on Tuesday.






The finish line was under construction on Tuesday and the excitement was high. There were a ton of runners enjoying the hilly last 400 meters of the race and the glowing lights.


And because Tuesday wasn’t enough, we enjoyed the pavilion and the finish line again for our last official practice on Thursday.





On my way to the expo yesterday, I rode the new extended 7 train to Hudson Yards. Also, Josh experienced his first NYC Marathon expo! He has come with me to every expo except the NYC ones and I was excited he was able to come.



At the expo, I felt like such a groupie when I saw major celebrity, Coach Brian. I think he was thinking how he could run away but it was too bad he had to work.


And today, I went for a shakeout run, and now I am prepping for race day. Flat Cindy is mostly ready to go and carb-loaded. We’re heading out to the team pasta dinner shortly and then it will be relaxation time watching scary Halloween movies before bed.


Good luck to all runners tomorrow! The NYC Marathon is an experience that cannot be replicated and I’m excited for my teammates to enjoy.


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