Sunday Snaps #7 – Snowy Weekend

Greetings from the snowy Northeast! In Stamford, we didn’t nearly get as much snow as NYC or by my parents in Central New Jersey but it is still very white outside.


This is from earlier in the week at the New Haven lawn right by my office. I’m sure there will be more than a dusting tomorrow!


We went outside at probably the worst time on Saturday. It was around 4PM and the wind was so strong that we could barely get the door open to go outside. The snow drifts were so high that it went up to my thigh!


I really liked this snowman. I wish I made it, but it definitely wouldn’t have looked as nice!


After our 5 minute adventure in the cold and snow, we decided we deserved a cup of hot chocolate.


And to cap off this snowy weekend, I took my new Brooks Launch 3 for a spin on the treadmill.

In other news, I ordered the Apple Watch today. I’m looking forward to testing it out and sharing my full review soon. Hope you had a safe, warm, and run-filled weekend!

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