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img_5549Hope you had a great 4th of July! We spent ours relaxing by the pool and watching the fireworks on TV. It’s a shame the fireworks are not on the Hudson River anymore.

As promised in last week’s post, here is our Munchery review. Around the same time we tried Eat Clean Bro, we also tried Munchery. Munchery’s business model works a little different from that of Eat Clean Bro. If you’re in the membership area, you can order from the daily menu for same day delivery or for a week in advance. There is a monthly membership is $8.95 a month or $85 a year or in our case, the fee was waived for the first month as new clients, as well as a delivery charge of $3-5 depending on your location.

img_5552The menu changes daily and in addition to the shipping subscription fee, there is a cost per meal which ranges from under $10 to around $18 for a steak dish. There are main entree options as well as sides, dessert, and drinks. The menu does not have as much variety as Eat Clean Bro but there are still a range of options from seafood to different proteins, and vegetarian. Through our experience, the Munchery model is meant more for eating same day rather than purchasing in bulk and freezing.

img_5551There was a 2 hour delivery window that you can select and when the driver is nearby, you’ll receive a text. The food arrives chilled but since we were not ready to eat it for a couple of hours, we put in the fridge and reheated per instructions before eating. In our first delivery, we tried the Thai-Style Chicken Drumsticks, Pan-Seared Albacore Rice Bowl, and Spice Roasted Potatoes. When selecting the meal, there are additional details about the prep, ingredients, and nutrition for each item. This information is also available on the packaging when the food arrives.

img_5556While we generally enjoyed our meal as it was flavorful and fresh, we found that it was a little fancier than we would cook ourselves or would want to eat on a daily basis and see the menu options as a pre-made version of cooking kit services such as Plated (which we have tried) or Blue Apron (we haven’t tried this ourselves but did gift this service before). In fact, Munchery also offers cooking kits as well – known as their Plaid Box, which is priced differently than that of their pre-cooked meals.

img_5554All in all, Munchery seems a little pricier (especially with the shipping subscription) and the food more elaborate and gourmet than what we are looking for in a meal delivery service post-baby but it is a good option for when we want to add variety.

You can read more about how Munchery works in your area here. If you’re interested in trying the service, use this link to receive a $20 credit.


Has anyone else tried other food delivery services that they would recommend?

**This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. I received no compensation to try and review Munchery.

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