Los Angeles Marathon Training – Weeks 1-4 Recap

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and gearing up for the new year!

I had grand plans of sharing with you my Los Angeles marathon training calendar and then showing you what I actually did in the first four weeks. However, that doesn’t really matter too much since I barely followed my calendar and yes, I realize that is not great. To be honest, I am still trying to figure out what works best schedule wise on a given week and I am not completely motivated. I need a coach to hold me accountable, clearly me being a coach is not enough!

Roughly speaking though, here is a sample of what my daily goals were and what I actually did on those respective days.

Monday – spin class / cross-training
Week 1: spin class – first day of training and yay, I actually made it to a 6am class!
Week 2: elliptical and strength training (free weights, kettlebell, and planks)
Week 3: easy run on treadmill
Week 4: rest day

Tuesday – intervals
Week 1: 3 x mile repeats with 400 meter recovery on treadmill
Week 2: rest day
Week 3: rest day
Week 4: 4 x 1000 meters with 400 meter recovery on treadmill

Wednesday – rest day
Week 1: rest day
Week 2: 2 x 800s with 400 meter recovery on treadmill (abbreviated)
Week 3: ladder intervals – 1200, 1000, 800 and 600 with 200 meter recovery on track
Week 4: rest day

Thursday – tempo run or hills
Week 1: 3-miles tempo on treadmill
Week 2: 3-miles tempo outdoors
Week 3: 4-miles easy on treadmill
Week 4: 30-minute tempo on treadmill

Friday – easy run or barre
Week 1: barre class
Week 2: rest day
Week 3: rest day
Week 4: barre class

Saturday – long run or easy run
Week 1: 3-miles easy outdoors
Week 2: NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K race
Week 3: rest day
Week 4: 4-miles easy on treadmill

Sunday – long run or easy run or barre
Week 1: 7.5-miles long outdoors
Week 2: barre class
Week 3: 5-miles long outdoors (abbreviated)
Week 4: 3-miles easy run outdoors

Total Miles
Week 1: 20.7 miles
Week 2: 15.9 miles
Week 3: 17.6 miles
Week 4: 16.1 miles

I am definitely not proud of how the first fours week have gone. I still haven’t been able to fall into a routine with morning runs. I adjust my training each week based on Josh’s schedule which isn’t helping. I try to take advantage of the days I can sleep in a little more and it is throwing off my plan. I also find that I lack motivation for a long run if I don’t have a race or cannot meet with a group that week. On the weekend days that I try to sleep in and run later in the day, I end up running less than planned. It’s hard for me to be away from Charlotte when I know she is awake — mom guilt in full force.

It’s my holiday and New Year’s resolution (I don’t typically love specific resolutions) to stick to a schedule as much as possible and to get out for my runs before Charlotte is awake. To help me with this plan, one of my holiday presents was the Phillips Wake-up Light. I am excited to test the alarm out this week and look forward to reporting back on how I do.

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