Friday Favorites #14 – p.s. scroll down for a Oiselle discount!

I was initially concerned with all the free time I would have between the move and the arrival of the baby but man, I have really been keeping busy. I’ve kept my calendar pretty full with dinners and lunches with friends, exercise classes, and my to-do list long in preparation for the arrival of the little one. This week was no different with many highlights below!

img_5511Fiddler on the Roof – We were originally scheduled to go see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway the week we moved back into town but I had a really bad pregnancy day that day and unfortunately had to change the date. With past-dated tickets as a courtesy from the theater, we were able to catch the show last night and it was incredible! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an entertaining and exciting show.

img_5514Startup podcast – I started listening to the Startup podcast when we were in CT on recommendation from Josh. With the amount of time I started spending on the treadmill and elliptical, the podcast was a great way to pass time but also educational. I really enjoy learning about what it’s like to get a business off the ground – all the positives and obstacles that come along with it. This week I finished Season 2 and am looking forward to Season 3.

img_5513Lindsay Hein’s I’ll Have Another podcast – I have to admit that I haven’t listened to episode 1 yet but I did download all the current episodes and am ready to start! After reading many raving reviews about the podcast including this article in Women’s Running, I am excited to get started. Also, if you’re wondering, I really like the Overcast app for podcast listening.

img_5515Run to Overcome by Meb Kleflezighi – Who doesn’t love Meb? I have meant to read his books for while now and finally started Run to Overcome last week. Meb’s background and journey to running is inspiring. The book is a quick read and adds to the enormous respect that I already had for him. I downloaded Meb for Mortals and am looking forward to starting that soon.

img_5508Oiselle Volee singlet and spike bag arrived – I am excited my Oiselle Volee singlet and spike bag arrived in the mail this week! Even with the baby bump, I had to try on the singlet. I am patiently awaiting the opportunity to wear it for a run and my first race post-baby.

And finally a Oiselle discount for all of my virtual friends! Use the discount code in the picture below to get 10% off your first order.


Happy shopping and happy weekend everyone!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Just in time for those who have not finished Christmas shopping and the first night of Chanukah (there’s still 7 more nights of presents to go, so I’m not really late!)…

Looking for a gift for anyone is never easy, especially for someone like me, that ends up buying most of it myself. However, here are some of my top favorites for the year:

71hkZemrihL._SL1500_ (1)Gilmore Girls: Complete Series – I forgot how much I loved Gilmore Girls until I read a post months ago about it coming to Netflix. As a spur of the moment gift, Josh ordered the entire series for me on Amazon and we’re slowly making our through all the episodes. I really appreciate the humor, relationship dynamics, and language so much more as an adult now. Also, after the long training runs, it will be nice to lounge on the couch to the some relaxing television!

41YYjLdOsxL._SL1024_EOS lip balm, especially the lemon drop flavor – I love, love, love the EOS lip balms, but I love the lemon drop one that has SPF even more. It’s perfect for someone like me who carries lip balm everywhere they go and SPF protection is an added bonus, especially if they’re running outside for hours. The only complaint I have about this is how big the size is, so it doesn’t easily fit in a pocket, but the egg shape is also what it makes so much fun!

71JqxkgZqELBelieve Training Journal – Okay, I’m cheating a bit here since I haven’t actually started using mine yet, but I am super excited to once I get the chance to map out my next training cycle. Even though so much is online these days, and I’m totally one that takes advantage of that, I still like the idea of looking at a hard copy training plan and documenting (in two places) how it’s all going. It’s also so much cooler that it’s by Lauren Fleshman.

Entry to a race (only if you know they really want to do it) – I’ve had debates about whether this is a good idea, and I think generally the consensus will be only if you know they want to run the race soon. If your runner has a wish list of races for 2015, then maybe that is a good place to start! You never want to surprise someone with a marathon if they’re not sure they want to train for one, but a 5K or a shorter distance may be a good place distance, and hey if they need a training plan, you can throw one of those in too! Here are some of my favorite training plans (and they’re free): Coach Jenny and Hal Higdon.

Classes for their favorite workout spot – Every runner should be cross-training, right? But not every runner does, for many reasons, including that it is so much easier not to, but also because lack of time and money to spend on more classes. In case, you’re wondering, my favorite cross-training options are Local Barre and Prime Cycle! For those in the NYC-area, ClassPass seems like a great option to try many different classes.

81tPspaXqjL._SL1500_Sparkly Soul headband – These are the only headbands ever, that stay on my head! I don’t run outside with them, because I usually wear a hat, visor, or ear warmer, but for any other activity including running on a treadmill, barre, and spin classes, I swear by the thin ones. I already have four different colors, so I don’t know why I added more to my wish list, but they are the best and cutest headbands. Even if your runner does not like cute, Sparkly Soul also offers plain wide satin ones.

81D0mysKpKL._SL1500_Feetures! socks – I used to love the Thorlos socks but ever since I discovered the Feetures! ultra light socks, I cannot go back. These socks have supported me through the last three marathons and I have been fortunate to come out of each one without a blister. The Thorlos socks are very cushioned so I didn’t think I would like these, but I think given how light they are helps with lack of movement while on your feet and thus preventing friction that causes blisters.

71yg3-bDRJL._SL1500_Oiselle Long Flyte short – These are my absolute favorite running shorts. They are not only compression-like, but they do not have the grips which I find helps with those who have muscular thighs. Additionally, these shorts are seamless so there is less worry with chafing. I have run two marathons in these and they do not ride up at all. The only downside to these shorts is that they do not have any pockets, so if your runner wears some other kind of belt, then this really isn’t a concern.

cn8305595Athleta Interlude Ankle Pant – I love how lightweight these pants are and I especially love how Athleta carries petite sizes! These pants are perfect to slip on to/from a workout and the wide waistband makes it extremely comfortable. The slouchiness is especially nice for those with more muscular thighs as it hides that but also looks slimming on.

Gift card to their favorite running store – I know some people are not a big fan of gift cards because it is less personal, but I love gift cards. Runners are so hard to shop for especially when trying to pick out running clothes. If they are anything like me, they are generally picky about what fits right but also what would be the most comfortable to wear on a long run, so why not just gift them the shopping experience at their favorite store?! Some of my favorite places to buy running clothes are Lululemon, Athleta, and Oiselle.

71oFbP3YSqL._SL1500_Kleen Kanteen stainless steel water bottle – I love this water bottle and I love staying hydrated. Carrying a water bottle around with me really helps with the reminder to drink a lot of water and it is more environmentally friendly. These stainless steel bottles are also dishwasher safe, and since they are not plastic, there is no need to worry about BPA. Additionally, they’re easy to carry since the base is not too wide and will easily fit in a car cupholder but also in the side compartment of backpacks. This bottle was also reviewed by The Wirecutter as the best water bottle.

61qo3qbYTYL._SL1200_Nuun – I love drinking Nuun so much more than Gatorade. It has less sugar, contains less calories, and you can also measure how much water you’re drinking since you need to add it to water. I drink Nuun during the days to prep for a tough workout but also as a during and post-run drink. It may be a good alternative if you don’t like to drink water by itself. It adds a light sweet flavor that makes water easier to drink.

Donation to their charity of choice, especially if they’re running for a cause – There are so many charity runners these days and they’re all running for great causes that are very important. If you’re out of ideas on what to get your runner this holiday season, consider donating to their charity of choice. I promise you it will be a gesture that will not be forgotten or go under appreciated. If you want to donate to my causes, I will post a link in a future post about my next marathon! 🙂

There were so many other great gift ideas that I did not add to this list but hopefully this is a good starting point.

Happy Chanukah to everyone celebrating and a very happy and healthy start to the holiday season!

What are some of your favorite running gift ideas? – I need more to add to my wish list! 🙂