Life lately 2…

Holy moly, it’s been over 3 months since I last posted. So much has happened so let’s get started.

—I interviewed and was offered a new job all within a one week period. I didn’t start the job though until early August and was able to begin work on a part-time schedule (I start full-time on Monday, ekkk!). While I worked part-time from home about 10-15 hours a week since January, this was a big change as I would be away from the house and it meant that Charlotte started school.

—Charlotte turned one! How did that happen? The first year felt like it took forever and flew by all at the same time. Right before she turned one, I also stopped exclusively pumping. We had enough frozen milk for her to drink breastmilk until she was nearly 14 months.

—I began full force marathon training all while trying to juggle these new scheduling changes. Working with Jess at Race Pace Wellness has been great as she has been able to hold me accountable and helped me find a good balance between marathon training and everything else. I was running four days a week and strength training two other days.

—We took our first international trip as a family of three and I ran the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. All in all the trip was successful and while I did not run a perfect race on Sunday, I am generally happy with my performance. I will share a race recap shortly.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads now; trying to decide how to proceed with my blog. I still would love to maintain it in some way but will need to figure out how it will all fit into my schedule. I have to admit it is extremely tough to juggle family, work, and time for myself which is mostly just running and exercise. In the meantime, please bear with me as there may be lulls in blog updates.


First Mother’s Day and Stroller Race Recap

I’m not generally a sappy person, so please my excuse my lack of gushiness about my first Mother’s Day. Don’t misconstrue lack of gushiness with lack of appreciation because I am very grateful.

I knew what I wanted to do for my first Mother’s Day for a long time. That’s because there is a stroller race hosted by the local running group, Hoboken Harriers, as a part of their larger 5-mile race every Mother’s Day. I ran the 5-mile race many, many years ago and when they first introduced the stroller race, I knew I wanted to run it one day. So naturally I was super excited that Charlotte is old enough to go stroller running with me this Mother’s Day.

Instead of taking our time on Sunday morning, we quickly ate a light breakfast and got ready for the race. Charlotte and I ran down to the start (a little over 1.5 miles away) with the stroller and Josh met us down there on bike. He picked up our bibs and was waiting for us at the start. We got there just in time to pin on the bibs. It was a casual race, only 3 strollers at the start (and it looked like there may have been 2 more that started late). I was fumbling with my watch as I wanted to “Garmin-record” my first stroller run but didn’t manage to do so before the first runner took off and my inner competitor had no choice but to sprint after her!

The race was a 1.5 mile out and back. Unfortunately the streets were not closed for this and there were a couple of points we had to be very careful to make sure we were not running too close to moving cars. Our stroller runs are generally very easy ones and we go at whatever pace I can do that day with stops at the playground and dog run (which reminds me that I have been meaning to write a post on getting started with stroller running). Needless to say, my newbie-stroller-running-self was not prepared for sprinting the race. My body was not terribly happy with me especially after having completed the Citi Field Sprint Spartan the day before (recap on this to come). We finished the race in 2nd (out of 3 or 5)! It wasn’t officially timed and since I was fumbling with my watch, I don’t have an exact record of time. My guess based on the splits from our whole run (to/from race and race) on Sunday is that we were running around 8:30-8:45 min/mile for a total time of roughly 13 minutes or so. Regardless of time, it was so fun to take part in our first stroller race and it seemed like Charlotte enjoyed herself as well. What a great way to celebrate my first Mother’s Day!

The rest of the day we spent relaxing and eating a lot of food! Eating, in my opinion, is the next best way to celebrate any day after a run!

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!