Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday! I’m glad the week is over and that I have a relaxing weekend planned with a whole lot of nothing except a 20-miler and a massage.

Club Monaco – My current new favorite non-running/athletic attire store. Well, not store, online shopping venue, because I think I shop for clothes in stores less than 3 times a year now. My two recent favorite pieces are a hoody and a wrap. I sometimes wish it would stay colder out so I can wear the hoody around all the time (guess, I got my wish with the snow today, okay, sorry for ruining spring in the Northeast for everyone).

IMG_2656Popcorners – I have an addiction problem. If I like something, I feel the need to finish it immediately. Instant gratification right? Why deny myself? I opened a bag of White Cheddar Popcorners and finished the bag by myself in 3 sittings (at least it was over 3 days but serving size is 5). This is why I can’t go to the supermarket hungry or be allowed to go into a supermarket in general.

Dove Dark Chocolate – To keep with the theme of food, I don’t have an addiction to dark chocolates though it’s one of my favorite foods. I usually have enough self-control to eat one or two at a time. I always have a bag of the Dove PROMISES Silky Smooth Dark Chocolates in my drawer at work and/or at home. It’s a nice treat every so often and I love the PROMISES message in the wrapper. It’s like a fortune cookie except I don’t get to learn Chinese.

Prime Cycle – I’m finally back on the saddle after a hiatus due to scheduling. While I will not finish the class with the highest RPMs (I always schedule spin classes the day before a long run), it’s just fun to sweat like crazy with good music for 45 minutes straight.

IMG_2665New kitchen gadgets – I love Amazon especially Amazon Prime. I heard about zoodles this week and decided I wanted to make it this weekend. Thank you to free two-day shipping, I got my new spiralizer today. Also, since avocados are one of my favorite foods and I was already ordering a new kitchen gadget, I decided to finally invest in a 3-in-1 avocado slicer. Can’t wait to do some cooking on Sunday!

Favorite readsReasons why I should get a puppy (right now), How to read elevation maps (I’ve made this mistake many times before – see Chicago Marathon example), Christy Turlington Burns’s latest blog post about London Marathon training, and a career article about When doing what you love doesn’t pay (I’m a big of fan of professional development pieces).

Happy First Day of Spring! Here’s to hoping for warmer and sunnier weather for running (but maybe not too warm so I can continue wearing my hoody)! What are your weekend plans?


Winter running essentials

Winter running stinks and marathon training in the winter stinks even more. Please remind me of this the next time I think about signing up for a spring marathon! For however bad winter running is, there are definitely some essentials that keep me warm and help keep me moving.

Feels like 0!

Feels like 0!

Running jacket. Bright bomber (perfect for nighttime running) and the snug sprinter jacket from Lululemon are some of my favorite purchases from this season. I also add many layers underneath of some thinner jackets.

Layers. Wazzie wool base layer from Oiselle makes me feel absolutely toasty. I bought two a months ago and I’m so glad I did because they are perfect underneath of a jacket or to wear alone under a vest. I also love Oiselle’s lux funnel neck running top. It’s the perfect amount of neck coverage when the days aren’t super freezing.

Wool socks. I swear by Feetures! socks and the merino wool ones help keep my toes from falling off in the winter.

Tights. I have many different tights that I go back and forth between from Oiselle and Lululemon. There are also benefits to have short legs because it means I can wear most capris year round.

An icy Hudson River

An icy Hudson River

Mittens. With a pair of light gloves underneath that have touch technology for my phone. I love these mittens that are no longer available from Lululemon but I am trying these next (coming in the mail soon).

Hand warmers. This is the order of how to keep my hands warm – gloves, hand warmers, and then mittens. This combination is guaranteed to keep my hands toasty.

Neck warmer. This isn’t the exact one I have since mine is from years ago, but a neck warmer is my go-to when the wind is strong and the temperatures fall into the teens.

Ear warmer. My first winter running, I bought 4 ear warmers and they are a staple for me now regardless of the temperature. I wear a hat all summer and ear warmers all winter. They help keep sweat off my face and my ears covered.

Hat. This is my new absolute favorite winter hat from Saucony. It has a short rim, a ponytail hole in the back, and I can wear ear warmers and the hat over it when it’s really cold out.

Post-long run with Amanda

Post-long run with Amanda

Treadmill. With all the ice, snow, and sub-zero wind chill temperatures we’ve had so far this winter, the treadmill has been a savior. Between short easy runs and even a 15-mile long run, I’ve learned to really embrace winter running in shorts and a t-shirt indoors.

Running friends. Without the company, encouragement, and accountability of friends, I would probably be running on the treadmill every day in the winter. This week, I got in a speedier easy run the day after the ice storm, sprint intervals, and my long run with friends. They are the reasons that despite the cold and dark, I commute into the city to run after work. They are reasons that despite wind chill of 0, I still managed to bust out some of my fastest 200 meter sprints. And they are reason I ran 16 miles through the hills of Central Park. Friends help make everything better and if there is nothing else you take away from this post, it is to make sure to make plans to run with your friends this week!

 Tell me how you’re dealing with winter running.