Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday! I’m glad the week is over and that I have a relaxing weekend planned with a whole lot of nothing except a 20-miler and a massage.

Club Monaco – My current new favorite non-running/athletic attire store. Well, not store, online shopping venue, because I think I shop for clothes in stores less than 3 times a year now. My two recent favorite pieces are a hoody and a wrap. I sometimes wish it would stay colder out so I can wear the hoody around all the time (guess, I got my wish with the snow today, okay, sorry for ruining spring in the Northeast for everyone).

IMG_2656Popcorners – I have an addiction problem. If I like something, I feel the need to finish it immediately. Instant gratification right? Why deny myself? I opened a bag of White Cheddar Popcorners and finished the bag by myself in 3 sittings (at least it was over 3 days but serving size is 5). This is why I can’t go to the supermarket hungry or be allowed to go into a supermarket in general.

Dove Dark Chocolate – To keep with the theme of food, I don’t have an addiction to dark chocolates though it’s one of my favorite foods. I usually have enough self-control to eat one or two at a time. I always have a bag of the Dove PROMISES Silky Smooth Dark Chocolates in my drawer at work and/or at home. It’s a nice treat every so often and I love the PROMISES message in the wrapper. It’s like a fortune cookie except I don’t get to learn Chinese.

Prime Cycle – I’m finally back on the saddle after a hiatus due to scheduling. While I will not finish the class with the highest RPMs (I always schedule spin classes the day before a long run), it’s just fun to sweat like crazy with good music for 45 minutes straight.

IMG_2665New kitchen gadgets – I love Amazon especially Amazon Prime. I heard about zoodles this week and decided I wanted to make it this weekend. Thank you to free two-day shipping, I got my new spiralizer today. Also, since avocados are one of my favorite foods and I was already ordering a new kitchen gadget, I decided to finally invest in a 3-in-1 avocado slicer. Can’t wait to do some cooking on Sunday!

Favorite readsReasons why I should get a puppy (right now), How to read elevation maps (I’ve made this mistake many times before – see Chicago Marathon example), Christy Turlington Burns’s latest blog post about London Marathon training, and a career article about When doing what you love doesn’t pay (I’m a big of fan of professional development pieces).

Happy First Day of Spring! Here’s to hoping for warmer and sunnier weather for running (but maybe not too warm so I can continue wearing my hoody)! What are your weekend plans?


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