Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon

This morning I ran in the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon in 18 degree temperatures. Why I thought two loops around Central Park – two Harlem Hills, two Cat Hills all in the middle of winter would be fun is beyond me. Despite nearly being frozen before arriving at the start line, it was definitely a race I will not forget.

Even before I realized how cold it was going to be out, the strategy for this race was just run. Aside from last weekend’s 11-miler, this would be my second double digit run since November’s marathon. Sure, I have been cross training and running regularly, however, I did not keep up with speed work or hill training.

This run was fun and bearable all due to the great teammates I have. From commuting out to Manhattan together, huddling at the start, running together, fan support from brave teammate volunteers, seeing Coach Brian, and eating brunch afterwards, I’m very lucky to have such a great group of friends who are just as crazy as I am.

Also, despite the conditions, NYRR did an awesome job with the race and a big thank you to all the volunteers. I volunteered a couple weeks ago when it was more than 20 degrees warmer and I nearly froze, so I know that standing out there today and staying upbeat was not easy but it was greatly appreciated.

Finally, the best way to recap the race is through a series of pictures. (And oh, P.S. my time wasn’t terrible, about six minutes off a PR, but all things considered, I’m glad I finished in one piece.)

Freezing at the start with Toni and Heather
After running more than half of the race together, and thank goodness to her for keeping me positive, Heather and I finished and could not figure out how to keep ourselves warm in the heat sheets.
Heather, Toni, and I still frozen on the way to brunch.
Finally made it to brunch, with Tania and Julio and sporting our Fred Lebow caps!

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