My favorite meals

I love eating and the during the week, I love home cooked meals. I get a sense of accomplishment when I make a meal at home but more importantly, it is nice to know what actually goes into the food.

My absolute favorite meals are what we’ve coined “one bowl wonders.” It’s like my favorite Korean dish, bibimbap where it’s a bowl of rice, vegetables, beef, and egg. What’s nice about one bowl wonders is that you can add whatever you want, just mix it all together, and serve it in a big bowl.

Some of my favorite one bowl wonders, aside from bibimbap are:

Sauteed beef; guacamole; a whole slew of vegetables – zucchini, sweet potatoes, mushrooms,  peppers, tomatoes, spinach; brown rice; salt free corn chips (I swear all those ingredients are there even though you can’t see it in the picture)
Meatballs, spinach, quinoa, feta cheese, hummus, pepper, guacamole, zucchini

I’ve also made a fish taco bowl that’s pretty tasty. The trick to it is adding everything you like together! It’s pretty clear, I’m obsessed with guacamole, huh?

Also, lately, I’m obsessed with smoothies. Over the holidays, we bought an Oster blender that I read about on a Twitter post (where I read it escapes me now). What’s awesome about this blender is that the smoothie is made in a to-go bottle. The blade twists off and you can screw on the lid and poof, you can take your smoothie to work. Once I finish my smoothie, I rinse it out and it becomes my water bottle for the day. 
Anyway, when I purchased the blender, I had a recipe in mind I wanted to make – matcha green tea smoothies. I used drink this smoothie at the local gym and they serve it at Jamba Juicea as well but it’s way too sweet. Along with the blender purchase, I bought matcha green tea powder. Since then I make a smoothie almost every morning. The ingredients will vary by day but my favorite staples are Fage greek yogurt, matcha green tea powder, flaxseeds, truvia, some kind of frozen fruit, and/or spinach, avocado, and banana. It’s usually any ingredients that are in the refrigerator. While I’ll modify most recipes, some great sources I use to get ideas are Yummly, Simply Recipes, and Mind Body Green.
One of many smoothies I’ve been making lately – this one is a spinach peach smoothie with matcha powder and flaxseeds
What are your favorite foods lately? Any good recipes to share?

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