Chinese New Year, Super Bowl, and no running

I was out of commission again for the latter half of the week. Not sure what bug bit me this time but whatever it was it knocked me out literally. I’m sure my Nike FuelBand was pretty upset with me on Thursday. I spent most of the day sleeping and in the short waking hours, I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen to the kitchen table, to the couch and back to bed. My daily Nike fuel goal is 4,000 and on Thursday, I accomplished a whole 440! I am really hoping that I don’t come into contact with any more of these evil creatures for the rest of the year. Curled up on the couch on Friday night in a very uncomfortable state was a good reminder of how I should try even harder at taking care of myself.

I love Chinese New Year. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year and in my pre-married days, I got to eat lots of great food, hang out with family, and receive red envelopes. How can you not love a holiday where you get paid to eat? 😉 I didn’t really get to enjoy this year’s actual New Year’s Day as much as I would have liked but I am glad I did manage to go home and spend some time with my family. I really need to take it easy this week so I can be fully prepared for this upcoming weekend’s festivities with my extended family! I promise to take more pictures of all the yumminess.

Throwback to 2008: The Yankees hat shows how
much of a football fan I actually am!

I am trying to make up for barely eating the last couple of days with my Super Bowl spread today. You’d think that by living in one of the cities that has been hosting festivities all week that I’d be excited for the game. I have to be completely honest, I have never been a fan of football. Sure, I’d been to a handful of games – UF home game in the Swamp (Go Gators!), Giants vs. Jets on Christmas Eve a couple years ago, and football parties, I still don’t have a passion for the sport. Anyway, what I enjoy about the Super Bowl is the chance for me to make a whole lot of food and this year is no different. Josh thinks I went overboard with wings, drumsticks, chicken tenders, burgers, guacamole, veggies and dip, sweet potato fries, and banana bread. You’re probably wondering how big of a party we had… it’s just us, my cousin and her husband. But don’t worry 3/4 of us are runners so we have big appetites and even though Josh is not a runner, he eats like he is!

And the big running recap in the last couple of days is that I did not run at all, not since Tuesday. I guess I am really taking an unplanned rest after last weekend’s half marathon, however, seeing that we recently broke above freezing temperatures and temporarily set the polar vortex at bay, I am disappointed I am not out there enjoying balmy weather runs.

Here’s to the year of the horse (better fate than the Broncos) and hopefully a streak of warmer temperatures (after tomorrow’s snow storm), lots of running, and eating! (Of course to good health, happiness, and prosperity as well!)

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