What happens when you don’t run all the time

Aside from the weeks while we were traveling, I can’t remember the last time I had a full week of recovery to myself! I better enjoy it because marathon training is right around the corner. It’s amazing how many things you can get done when you don’t spend every free waking moment running or doing some sort of cross training.

–Sunday: brunch and yogurt with friends in addition spending a lot of time refreshing this blog. Well, by spending a lot of time I meant Josh spent a lot of time helping me get the new and improved (hopefully you think it’s improved) cindyruns.com up and running.


Sunday at Pier 13 (yup, that’s Manhattan in the background)

–Monday: normal swim lesson but where I would normally turn down ice cream at 4PM, I didn’t and I paid for it when I felt gross during the lesson. I couldn’t say no, it was a work celebration…

–Tuesday: eye doctor visit take 3! My eyes didn’t improve much more since my second visit; it still stayed at around 90% even though I spent an extra week putting on the ointment and in glasses. However, I was cleared to wear contacts again but will need to use lubricant eye drops/gel morning and night. Of course a trip into NYC (for the appointment) wouldn’t be complete without some shopping. I am happy to report that I have new sandals from J.Crew and clothes from Madewell. The bigger shopping issue lies in that I ordered some sale items from Gap and Piperlime over the weekend and my next Stitch Fix order will be coming this week. Hmmm, I wonder how much stuff I’ll actually end up keeping.

–Wednesday: finally, I run! My shake out run was the last informal group run (before marathon training) with my Alzheimer’s teammates. It was also the first run in a long time where I did not wear a hat or visor. I am testing if I can handle running with just a headband and all my sweat. I think I did okay, this might actually stick. We ran the 5-mile loop in Central Park and I really enjoyed chatting with my new teammates.


–Thursday: impromptu date night with Josh! Well, not completely impromptu, I was supposed to have dinner with one of my friends but she was sick so alternatively I planned date night at our favorite sushi restaurant. It’s nice when you don’t have to rush home from work, workout, and then eat dinner at 9 or 10PM at night. Also, I received my latest Stitch Fix (review to come) and all of my Gap and Piperlime packages today. There will be a lot of decisions made this weekend on what I will actually end up keeping.


This doesn’t even include all the Gap items

–Friday: I had grand plans to run 3 or even 6 miles but when I left work, all that went out the window. I decided a mani/pedi was much better use of my time! Then we picked up Thai food and made Josh’s famous dark ‘n’ stormys, coincidentally similar to the actual weather outside right now.


Notice the new nail polish!

Starting tomorrow morning though, I will get back on the bandwagon starting with hopefully a short run, depending on how early I get up followed by a barre class (which I am already signed up for so I have no excuse).

Wish me luck for a productive and workout filled Memorial Day weekend!

What are your plans for the long weekend? 




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