Why I love running…

Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese Year! In honor of these two holidays where I usually spend a lot of time eating chocolate and lots of amazing Chinese food, I wanted to share with you why I love running.

I love running because…

—Of the physical challenge. I failed likely every Presidential Fitness Test when I was younger and hated gym class. If only I could go back to elementary and middle school now!

—Then I don’t feel so bad when I eat a bowl of ice cream while blogging. Don’t worry we try our best to find the healthiest ice cream possible. This week’s choice is from Trader Joe’s.

Believe me the bowl was bigger!

—I won’t feel as bad buying exercise clothes. Someone has to single-handedly drive the sales for athletic clothes.

—Of the endorphins. And endorphins make me a better person. And when I am a better person that benefits everyone around me (interesting perspective).

—I can act silly on runs and no one will judge me for it (at least, I don’t think my teammates do!). Like running through sprinklers or drinking the rain.

Yes, I was trying to drink the rain (hey, I was thirsty!)

Yes, I was trying to drink the rain (hey, I was thirsty!)

—I run for the best cause and every step is helping find a cure to end Alzheimer’s. I will always be an Athlete to End Alzheimer’s (my recap in the Alzheimer’s newsletter about this past year’s marathon season).

2013 NYC Marathon team

2013 NYC Marathon team

—I met some of the world’s most amazing people through running.

Awesome running friends at last year's Brooklyn Half

Awesome running friends at last year’s Brooklyn Half

—I finally found my passion, my extracurricular activity that I love doing, reading, and talking about (sorry to everyone around me who doesn’t love running as much as I do).

—I feel more connected to my grandma. I’ve had a fairly sentimental week reflecting on this for various different reasons and unfortunately, it was due to her suffering from Alzheimer’s that helped me find my love for running. I am so glad for this silver lining because I cannot imagine what my life would be like without it.

My grandma and her best (only) granddaughter

My grandma and her best (only) granddaughter

P.S. I, first and foremost, love my family and friends because without them I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be running. Here’s to wishing everyone a happy and healthy year of the goat!

The best supporters a girl could have

The best supporters a girl could have!

2 thoughts on “Why I love running…

  1. Hi there and thanks for sharing my link! I always enjoy reading why other runners love to run. There’s a lot we all have in common but also something that sets us apart. I love that running helps you connect with your grandma. I feel the same about connecting with my mom. I get the most vivid memories when I’m out there alone and running.
    Keep it up!!

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