A hump day recap

Happy Hump Day! And boy am I glad it is almost over.

IMG_2658The day started with me not waking up for my run this morning. I was exhausted when my alarm went off (likely from waking up early the day before for an AM barre class) and instead of getting out of bed, I just turned off the alarm. I even had my running clothes laid out from the night before.

When I finally woke up, I felt exhausted. That’s what interrupted sleep does to you. My work day was like a hump literally, one with a short incline but a big decline. I left later (frustrated and angry) than I wanted to if I was to fit in the run I missed from the morning before the barre class I was already signed up for.

run-release-stressI finally made it on the treadmill (man, has it been windy here, and man, I’ve been too wimpy to go outside) for a 35-minute run before heading to barre. I was mad that on tap was a 60-minute easy run and I was mad that I didn’t allow for that to happen. I felt so free during the run though. Even though I wasn’t going super fast, I felt like I was moving and I was enjoying the freedom (and endorphins).

Throughout the entire barre class, I kept reminding myself that it is okay to have bad weeks (in work, life, and training, whatever it may be), though it seems like I’ve had too many of them lately. I also need a friendly reminder that I need to make things I want to do after work a priority. I fell into the trap of letting my life be dictated by work many years ago and I need to not let that happen again. I know things are cyclical but they also become habit if you don’t break out of it.

And with that, I tried really hard to not let this post be a rant but I am also hoping to post more and with that, sometimes you’ll have to go on the roller coaster ride with me! So thank you in advance.

Hope you all had a good Wednesday / Hump Day! Tell me about your week so far.

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