Weekend recap on Tuesday

A belated weekend recap – no running, lots of sitting, TV watching, icing and heating my hip, and lot of food.

I woke up with pain in my left hip on Saturday morning and had to bail on my 20-miler. I could barely walk without strain and decided I needed to go back to bed. I texted long run partner, Julio to let him know I wouldn’t be meeting him, let him tell me I was potentially dumb for going to spin class the night before, and went back to sleep. I woke up with even more pain.

IMG_2667I think Josh was secretly excited that I couldn’t run. We had 9 episodes of Glee on our DVR that I couldn’t watch throughout the season but refused to stop recording because out of principal, I had to see how the series ended. Josh was anxious to make space on the DVR. We ended up watching all of them on Saturday. By the end of the night my brain was mush.

IMG_2668Between our Glee episodes, we ate a lot, you’d think I was recovering from a 20-miler – breakfast foods (omelette for me, by the way, feta cheese will almost always make everything taste better), vermicelli bun with grilled chicken and a bubble tea, and chicken ramen soup, edamame, and a fortune cookie.

IMG_2669I also spent a lot of time trying to help my hip recover. Heating pad followed by icing, and very little movement, just from the couch to the kitchen only when necessary, oh, and the bathroom too.

By the end of our Saturday night, my brain was fried and my hip felt a lot better. I took Sunday off from running as well. It was hard but I had to remind myself that skipping the weekend’s mileage will hopefully pay off in the long run. While it was a constant mental struggle to not lace up this past weekend, I was surprised by how easily I gave in.

IMG_2673Sunday was spent doing everything we didn’t do on Saturday. I was able to move with very little soreness. I made it to my massage appointment and even took an epsom salt bath. Anything to help my muscles recover. Our FreshDirect delivery came in the morning and that meant I was able to play with my new toys.

IMG_2674For dinner, I made Icelandic cod with zoodles and a side of guacamole (I’m a big believer that guacamole goes with almost anything). The zoodles were plain with parmesan cheese and fresh tomatoes on top (yum!). We both really enjoyed them but just disappointed that 4 zucchini only yield 2.5 servings. I also made steel-cut oats for this week’s breakfast and pulled chicken for the rest of the week’s lunches/dinner.

By the time Sunday night rolled around, I was finally ready for more TV and caught up on my guilty pleasure, Revenge. It was a refreshing and relaxing weekend and hopefully one that will lead to a successful week in training (only 33 days left, ahhhh!).

How was your weekend?

Any new recipes to try?

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