Friday Favorites #5

This week’s Friday Favorites will be all semi-running related (semi is a loose term).

IMG_2708Lunch variety. I ate french fries and a chicken philly cheesesteak from Plum on the Run on Thursday. Sometimes it’s nice to toss-up the routine, but an important reminder is not to eat too many french fries before a tough workout.

IMG_2710Bare arms. The weather was so nice I ran in a t-shirt and capris on Thursday evening. I felt so free, so bare, and so much faster.

IMG_2711Tempo Thursday. It was a busy Thursday for me, I guess. Julio, my running/training buddy and I have been consistently running tempo runs every Thursday for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday’s tempo workout which was my favorite was a warm-up + 3-miles at marathon goal pace and 3-miles at half-marathon goal pace + cool down. I ran primarily on feel and it was a good thing that correlated with the paces on my watch.

IMG_2712Exercise runway. This week I got lazy after my morning yoga routine to put away the mat. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t go with the decor and Josh thinks it’s in the way, I love having my yoga mat where it is. I watch TV from the floor now while foam rolling and just randomly sit around stretching. (See Josh, you’ll see having the yoga mat permanently out will be better for my running.)

Fun running reads. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see a lot of the articles I find interesting (but then maybe I would give away my blog posts?!?). My favorite ones from the week are – 4 Ways to Build Mental Toughness, 35 Things You Didn’t Know About the London Marathon, The World’s Best Half Marathons, 52 Reasons to Run a Marathon, and The World’s 25 Best Marathons.

The Active Times Network – I’m excited to be a part of The Active Times blogger community. One day, my activity will span more than just running! In the meantime, check their Friday Feature on me.

Happy Passover/Easter/Holiday/Spring weekend to all! I am excited for my weekend – the last long run before tapering (with 10K race thrown in the middle) and quality time with friends and family.

What are your weekend and running plans? 

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