Sunday Snaps #1

Sharing my weekend with you through pictures, see I promised to take more pictures!

IMG_2741.PNGShowing Amanda that she is in a category all by herself!

IMG_2745.PNGI like this Instagram post. This is how I feel about running, especially if I can squeeze it in before work.

IMG_2742.JPG 16 Handles can substitute for carbs during Passover right?

IMG_2746.JPGI love running in shorts. Until I’m upset about the tan lines.

IMG_2748.JPGLast mile of my last double-digit run before the London Marathon!

IMG_2754.JPGI got dolled up for a wedding and enjoyed many glasses of wine. I own non-running clothes.

IMG_2756.JPGJosh made lunch (well, and dinner for the next couple of nights) today.

IMG_2760.JPGI’m making up for the lost carbs last week.

IMG_2759.JPGSelfies with my favorite people. Especially the little one. She loves selfies.

IMG_2762.JPGThis is how she felt about taking selfies with Josh though.

IMG_2763.JPGEven when you’re full, a crêpe is a necessity after a lot of pizza.

IMG_2764.JPGI love walking through NYC in the spring.

IMG_2766.JPGAnd I finally got a picture of the Friends apartment building even though I walked by it a million times before.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it or share pictures!


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