Friday Favorites #6

‘Tis that time of week again. Happy almost weekend!

Here is my week of favorites:

IMG_2726Shopping experience – It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of online shopping and Stitch Fix but after a receiving 7 fixes, I took a short hiatus until this week. While, I don’t think I will be keeping anything from this order, it’s always so much fun to open the package and seeing what was picked for you.

IMG_2735Running location – After a brutal snowy winter, the local track finally cleared out. I love being on a track, I guess it reminds me of high school days and you really can’t beat the view of the Manhattan skyline. I ran some speedy, but inconsistent mile repeats on a misty Thursday night. Unfortunately, this was my first and last trip to the track for this marathon training season.

IMG_2736Passover food alternatives – This is the first year I feel like the lack of grains/carbs for Passover is tough to keep up, maybe because we’re in the height of marathon training season? I’ve getting by with homemade salads or picking up one at work with a bag of potato chips. Passover means I can eat as many potato chips as possible, right?

IMG_2737Holiday (well, fake holiday) – It’s National Siblings Day today! Happy National Siblings Day to my brother, David… and our dog, Coco, and my brother-in-law, Zach. I’m not going to embarrass everyone with a picture, just the one of David will do since he had no choice in being related to me.

IMG_2738Technology-related tool – I love I can access my favorite blogs (including my own, I’m dorky that way) on my phone, iPad, and computer, offline and online. I highly recommend this as personal news reader and it’s free unless you’re signing up for a premium account.

Tell me what your favorites are for the week!

And what are your weekend running plans?

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