Sunday Snaps #2

My week in review with not a lot of words. I think the heat and humidity is getting to me and preventing me from being able to write/type.


I went to an American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED class and now I’m officially certified. One step closer to my RRCA coaching certification.


My arm wrapped in gauze and dressing during the class. I know how to properly wrap a wound now.


I’m pulling a Coach Brian, trying to take blurry pictures while I run. Thank you Toni for capturing this moment and for not killing me for taking a million bad pictures.


A picture of some of our team this year. Coach Brian likes making us take silly pictures. I don’t have a problem with being ridiculous.

I’m getting good at taking pictures of those running behind me, especially getting my head in the bottom right corner.


I ran the Oakley Mini 10K on Saturday. Man, it was hot and humid. I really hate running in the heat. But it was pretty cool starting a race on Central Park West.


My head felt like it was on fire for the last three miles. I had to walk through the last two water stations since I was getting dehydrated. My official finish time of 55:42 (8:59 min/mile pace) wasn’t too bad considering the conditions.


This was my attempt at taking a creative picture of the race tank, medal, bib, and the flower they gave me at the finish. This picture was also featured on my Instagram.


A chocolate glazed donut is the best way to start a Sunday.

What was on the docket for this weekend? 

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