Weekend recap

We had a great weekend!

IMG_3212.JPGIt started with a 5K run on Saturday morning. I signed up last minute to run the local Hoboken Catholic Academy 5K. There’s something to be said about running small, community races. I picked up my bib Friday after work, left the apartment 25 minutes before the start of the race to jog down to the start and had 10 minutes to spare before the start. The race was timed but the start was based off of gun time and a chip finish. I made sure I was at the front of the start and with the road closures, there was no crowd issues. Josh walked a few feet outside of our building and was able to see me run by a little before mile 2. I’m not convinced the distance was exactly a 5K though. My watch shows 2.96 miles (there’s no way I’m that good at tangents!) and my pacing definitely didn’t feel like it was PR worthy especially given the humidity. However, the official results show 24:42, average pace 7:57 minutes/mile (18th overall female and 4th in my age group) which would be a 5K PR (note: I am putting an asterisk next to this race in my race resume given the doubts I have about the actual distance).


IMG_3219.JPGThis weekend was our 10 year Stevens reunion. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we graduated from college. Where does time go? Josh received the alumni achievement award that I also got 5 years ago. We got to see college friends that we haven’t seen since we graduated and some that we get to see regularly. It was a great time reminiscing on college days and visiting our new sorority house (the chapter has had 3 different houses since I was a student). So much has happened since graduation. In the last 10 years, I’ve worked at 4 different companies, married my best friend, traveled all over the world, lived in 2 different cities, ran 7 marathons, 9 half marathons, and numerous other races. It’s been a pretty amazing 10 years and I’m looking forward to what the next decade brings.


How was your weekend?

Did you run a race? Or attend reunion events?

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