Friday Favorites #13 – Hoboken fitness edition

It’s been a while since I wrote a Friday Favorites blog post, almost 10 months ago when we were in Bermuda. This week’s favorites is all about fitness back in Hoboken especially fitness that is friendly to 34+ weeks pregnant women!

We’ve been back in town for a couple of weeks now and I have finally found my exercise routine and groove. I am fortunate to still be able to exercise (and I use the term loosely as this is very specific to me and is different for everyone) 5-6 days a week this far into the pregnancy.


Cooler weather means more “rulls” (run/strolls) along the gorgeous Hudson River waterfront. A rull is at least 30 minutes in length and consists of run until it is uncomfortable (which is usually a couple of minutes into the first mile, and longer in the second mile), then switch to walking and then repeat.


Elliptical machine to the rescue. I am so glad there is a gym in our building even though it is relatively small (i.e. 3 treadmills, yes that is how I measure the size of gyms). However, these days when running isn’t comfortable, I am glad to be able to go on the elliptical for 30 minutes to get some cardio in.

source: Devotion Yoga website

source: Devotion Yoga website

Prenatal yoga at Devotion Yoga. I can’t believe I am actually saying I like yoga. I have a love hate relationship with yoga and I figured now that we were more settled, I should try to find some prenatal classes. I went to my first one this week at Devotion Yoga and absolutely loved it. The instructor went at the perfect pace (especially for someone who is horribly inflexible and very pregnant on top of that) and the facility is huge (for Hoboken) and clean. Also, they offer one week free to new clients, cannot go wrong with this deal.

source: Local Barre website

source: Local Barre website

Local Barre, I love you. I missed Local Barre so much when we were in CT. I missed the instructors, I missed the structure of the classes, and I missed how I knew that they were always very accommodating to pregnant women. The instructors are extremely good about mentioning modifications for anyone in the room who is injured or pregnant and you never feel left out if there is an exercise you cannot do. With that said, the workouts are always tough and I leave feeling like I worked hard in those 60 minutes.



And with more walks over to Local Barre, it means I can take advantage of all the yummy food options along the way. After all a 20 minute walk totally justifies a donut, right? Okay, well, I only got a donut once in honor of National Donut Day and boy was it yummy (thank you, City of Saints Coffee Roasters). However, I have been more indulgent with stopping at Starbucks or a local coffee shop on my way walk home. And there’s a Farmer’s Market that just started right by our apartment, I have a feeling we will be frequent visitors there.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend filled with running, exercising, and/or good food!

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