2016: Year in Review

Happy New Year!

In each of my previous years’ recaps — 2013, 2014, and 2015 — I usually talk about all the wonderful places we’ve traveled, PRs I’ve run, and the 1,000+ miles I’ve run for the year. 2016 was different – it was the year of family. Josh and I welcomed our baby girl to the world in July. While many would like to forget 2016 and believe me, there are definitely parts of the year that were challenging, however, it will always be one of the most memorable years of my life.

—We started the year living in Connecticut and the announcement of our pregnancy. I tried to recap the pregnancy throughout the trimesters as transparently as possible without scaring away all readers! You can catch up on that here if you’re interested — 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 36 week recap, and initial postpartum thoughts.

—We traveled to Southern California shortly after that and enjoyed our trip very much in Los Angeles and San Diego. A couple of weeks after that we went to Atlanta to celebrate my brother in law’s wedding. The last remaining trip before the arrival of the baby was to Providence to cheer on Coach Brian as he ran his 50th state marathon.

—We moved back to Hoboken in May. While this meant leaving my job, ending our lease early, and switching doctors late in the pregnancy, this was ultimately the right move for us. We’re happily settled back now and look forward to sharing more of our Hoboken favorites with our little one in the upcoming year.

—On the running front, the longest distance I raced in 2016 was 10 miles. I ran 4 races pregnant and 4 postpartum. Total mileage for the year was slightly under 300.

—And most importantly, 2016 is the year that I became a mom!

Cheers to a wonderful 2016 and a memorable 2017!

I’m lame and HoBOOken 5K

Just stopping in to say hello and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

img_6151I signed up for the HoBOOken 5K, which was on Saturday, over a month ago with friends. I haven’t run this race in years since it always falls on the weekend before the NYC Marathon but this year, I was in the spirit especially with a baby and my plans to likely not run the NYC Marathon (more to come on that).

I was planning on dressing up as a fairy with a running skirt and wings and Josh and Charlotte (to be dressed as an elephant) were going to come out and cheer. However, when my friends couldn’t make it in for the race and Charlotte decided to take an extra long morning nap, I bailed on the race. I’m lame, I know.

img_6140It didn’t seem exciting to dress up in costume to run a race by myself (even though I would be running with hundreds of other costume-wearing runners). So instead I went for a run without costume on the reverse route of the course. It was fun to get out there and see a lot of the runners dressed up. It was interesting to see that some of fastest runners weren’t even dressed up. I guess Halloween costumes can really slow you down!

The HoBOOken 5K is a great local race on a very flat course and unlike some of the smaller races in town, the roads are closed off to traffic which is nice. The race benefits the Hoboken Shelter so even though I’m lame, I’m glad my race registration went towards a good cause.

img_6149Anyway, hope everyone is having a great Halloween! I’ll be checking in again later this week as one of my favorite days of the year is on Sunday – NYC Marathon day!

And a belated congratulations who raced this weekend — Marine Corps Marathon, RnR Los Angeles, HoBOOken 5K, Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-Miler, and more!