Sunday Snaps #3 – happy everything!

Happy Father’s Day, First Day of Summer, and our Anniversary! We got married 6 years ago on a wet Sunday, similar to the one we’re experiencing today. Time really flies when you’re having fun.

This year, we’re celebrating in Block Island. After my conference ended on Friday afternoon, we drove to New London and hopped on a ferry over to the island for a mini getaway.

(Don’t mind the eye closure in the picture, it’s really the sunset you should be focused on.)

The peacefulness of morning run cannot be beat (except when my phone keeps vibrating from Josh’s text messages – this is what happens when he doesn’t run with me!).

We’re really enjoying the casualness of island and seeing the local crafts.


We only bike on vacation, a much faster way to get around than by foot or running.


The descent from Mohegan Bluffs. It’s totally worth it.


The relaxation of the ocean and beach at Corn Cove after the hike down from the bluffs.


The yummy and fresh seafood. I devoured over a pound of lobster yesterday, but boy was it hard work.


We saw this in a store and couldn’t agree more.


And dinner is not complete without ice cream. I got Snickers and Mudslide – yum!


Have a wonderful Father’s Day and First Day of Summer! What are you doing to celebrate? 


Friday Favorites #9 – good reads

Happy Friday! I had every intention of my next post to be about changes I’d make in my next training cycle, but I just don’t have the heart to write it yet. For once after a marathon, I’m not itching to run another, not yet at least. Plus I woke up on Wednesday morning with some hip pain again, so I’ve taken it easier than I’ve already been doing this recovery. I am running the Brooklyn Half Marathon next Saturday, so I hope I can get back into my running groove soon.

Instead, here are some of my favorite reads/tips/wish list items from the week:

Taking a Run Break – Hearing about others who aren’t currently overzealous about running is helping me feel better about taking a break from running because I know…

That Marathon Was More Painful Than You Remember – Please remind me of this when in three months (when I feel that the London Marathon was 10% less painful) or in six months (when I feel that it was 20% less painful) and I want to sign up for another marathon (oh, and yes I’m already signed up for two other fall marathons, what was I thinking?).

8 Reasons You Should Never Date A Runner – Sorry, Josh for #2, 4, 6, 7, and 8! At least for #8, we travel to cool places.

Chicago Marathon Lottery By Numbers – I love the Chicago Marathon so I loved reading this article about the percentage of runners who get in by lottery. That is how I got my chance at running it last year so I am very excited for everyone to have the chance to run the scenic course and in such a great city.

#fbf to my favorite picture from the Chicago Marathon

#fbf to my favorite picture from the Chicago Marathon (I know I’ve used this picture over and over in my blog. I love it so much, it never gets old – for me at least!)

Why You Should Have A Quiver Of Running Shoes – This is how I justify buying so many pairs of running shoes throughout the year even if I am on a running break!

7 Lessons Learned From A Running Group – Everyone has heard me go on and on about how much I love my running team and this article reinforces some of the benefits of running with a group, especially #1, 2, and 7!

The best team ever

The best running group ever

How To Clean A Yoga Mat – This is such a random tip but after traveling with my lightweight mat, which I love by the way, I need to sanitize it. Plus the one I have at home that is permanently laid out on the floor (still too lazy to put it away), that needs to be cleaned too!

A bad picture of my poor downward dog pose on our patio in Santorini (at least the backdrop looks nice)

A bad picture of my poor downward dog pose on our patio in Santorini (at least the backdrop looks nice).

Kindle Wish List – I wish I spent/had more time to read. Vacation is usually the best time for me to do this but it’s a shame I didn’t plan well for this last trip. Regardless, here are some of my running-related reading wish list items — Meb for Mortals (how can one not love Meb?), The Happiness Project (not exactly running related, but I think it will help improve the mental aspect of running), The Art of Eating Well: Hemsley and Hemsley (such great insights to eating well and recipe ideas), Anatomy for Runners (I’m guilty of wishing I paid more attention in biology and anatomy and physiology classes), and on the wish list is to finally finish the Advanced Marathoning book that I bought over two years ago!

My guilty pleasure (US Weekly) – I came back from vacation with three weeks of US Weekly’s waiting for me in the mailbox. I need to get cracking on these otherwise I will know very delayed celebrity gossip!

We're up to 4 now including the one that came today!

We’re up to 4 now including the one that came today!

With that, I should probably go read something. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!