2015: Year in Review

Wow, what a year 2015 was! I know I say this about every year but each year keeps getting better and better.

On the running front, 2015 was the year of many milestones.

IMG_0320—I ran my first international marathon (and race)! I ran the Virgin Money London Marathon in April 2015 and while the race was not what I had hoped it to be, it was an incredible experience. My sentiments post-race helped me find my love for running all over again. I also fundraised over $1,800 for AgeUK for the race.

—I completed 15 races ranging from 1-mile to marathon. Last year I was excited for all the PRs and while it proved hard to beat, I managed to pull out a couple of course PRs this year.

DSC00521—I’m most excited for my running milestones this year. I just started distance running three years ago and in that time I have completed 8 marathons, 10 half marathons, and over 4,300 miles! To say I am addicted is an understatement.

—I will end this year with over 1,300 miles under my belt which tops last year’s record! 1,300+ miles for me is over 212 hours of running, almost 300+ miles further than the distance from NYC to Orlando and almost 4 times the distance from NYC to Montreal.

—In July, I officially became a Road Runners Club of America coach. I am excited for my certification and to help others achieve their running goals.

IMG_3418.JPG—This year, I also helped coach the Athletes to End Alzheimer’s NYC Marathon team. It was definitely a different and rewarding experience from the other side and I am fortunate for this experience. By assisting the team, I ran the NYC Marathon this year with a very different perspective and enjoyed every minute of it.

For as much as I love running, I love traveling just as much. I wish I could travel as much as I run but I appreciate every chance I get to run while on vacation. 2014 was certainly the year of travel and in 2015, we were still jet setting every opportunity we had.

—This year, I logged miles in every city/country we visited: St. Maarten, Pittsburgh, London, Athens, Santorini, Hartford, Block Island, Orlando (twice), Bermuda, and Montreal.

We’re fortunate to have so many opportunities to travel for ourselves, for marathons, and to travel to spend time with family and friends.

IMG_3106This year we also sold our apartment and moved from Hoboken to Stamford for my new job. This is by far one of the hardest decisions and changes we made in recent years. I still look back on the last couple of months wondering how we made all of this happen so quickly and my heart still swells thinking about our time in Hoboken. However, we’re looking forward to what 2016 brings in our new adventure in Connecticut!

Without a doubt, I am fortunate for the best friends, family, and husband a girl could have. I know all of this running, traveling, and changing jobs/moving would not be possible without everyone’s support and love and I am forever grateful.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016!


Friday Favorites #12 – Bermuda edition

I’m blogging from a cruise ship, the Celebrity Summit while it is docked in Bermuda. We’re in our last hour at port and then we’re on our way back to New Jersey. We’ve been in Bermuda for the last three days and it reminded me how much I love this island. I hope we will be back soon, maybe not on a cruise though (more on that later).

Josh ruined our old DSLR (water spilled on the camera in his bag) when we first got to Athens in May, so we were in need of purchasing a new camera before this trip. Instead of going back to a DSLR, we opted for a point and shoot that provided more functionality. Most of the pictures seen in this post were taken on our new Sony DSC-RX100M II. It seems like a great camera so far with some really neat features that we will need to take some time to learn.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures from this trip so far.

Sailing detour by the Statue of Liberty.


Sailing underneath the Verrazano Bridge. Less than 11 weeks until I run over this bridge again.


First formal night “fancy” selfie with Smartphone Control Mode on the new camera.


Decorating my own cupcakes at Qsine Restaurant.


View from Southampton. We hiked up a hill and spent a lovely afternoon at the pool and beach with my friend, Jen and her family.


Turns out I’m not very good at stand-up paddle boarding because I’m not coordinated enough to paddle.


I’m much better at paddling when I’m kneeling. I also enjoyed doing yoga on the board. I’m a lazy paddle boarder.


Self-portrait face detection mode on the camera. The camera detects our faces and then starts the timer to take the selfie. I think it did a pretty good job.


Morning run around Royal Naval Dockyard. This is an iPhone picture, I don’t trust myself enough to run with a camera.


The butt of the cruise ship. Sorry, I’m so immature. Another iPhone picture.


Chickens crossing the road, literally.


That’s it for now. Goodbye Bermuda, until next time.

Have a great weekend everyone!