Sunday Snaps #6 – an overdue update

Man, I’m sorry for the delay. I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since I last blogged. So much has happened and so many changes to fill you in on. Instead of a brain dump which is much less exciting, here is a photo dump from my Camera Roll.


My last day of work at Stevens. I am sure going to miss walking up to this gorgeous campus every day.


Saying goodbye to my office was tough. It was a great second home to me. Fortunately cleaning it out wasn’t too bad, I hated keeping paper, so it was pretty easy to clear out my old things.


Then I celebrated a birthday. Josh was at his brother, Zach’s bachelor party the weekend before, but I partied hard (or hardly partied?) by catching up with old friends and running friends (outside of running, imagine that?). I also spent the weekend hanging out with this adorable fellow too.


The shower at our apartment had some issues, so I witnessed all the work that went into replacing the floor of a shower. I am expert tiler now. 🙂


I was half hoping the week would move very slowly as I was dreading the day the movers came to start packing us.


Moving day was the next day and it was surreal and bittersweet. Fortunately for moves, so much happens in such a condensed time period that you don’t have much time to be emotional. Hoboken will always be the epicenter of our lives — it’s where we attended college, started dating, got engaged, and made our home for 8 years post-college. We have so many memories in Hoboken. You can check out my #hobokenfavorites posts over 30 days on Instagram.


I guess this new view from our balcony doesn’t hurt either. If you squint or zoom in on the picture, you can see the NYC skyline in the background. It’s ironic that it takes us moving out of Hoboken that is literally across the river from NYC and the apartment building that is right on the Hudson River waterfront to have a NYC view. I know I’ve used this line a lot lately, including my Instagram post, but I still find it amusing.


Finally, between all of our unpacking, some exercise and running are still a necessity. After all, this is a running blog. I tried out a barre class at exhale and I am happy to report that I may be a regular there. Josh and I ran in the 45th Village of Mamaroneck Turkey Trot this morning. We have another lined up for the morning of Thanksgiving too!

And after three weeks without a formal routine and schedule, I am about to start a new one tomorrow with my first day at the new job.

More updates and regular blog posts to come!

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