Happy Thanksgiving (one day late)!

This Thanksgiving, and not just on Thanksgiving (or the day after) I am grateful for opportunities and support.

This year I’ve been fortunate to have any many opportunities on both the personal and professional fronts.

IMG_4290With my some changes at Stevens, it presented me with an opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to do professionally and the best career path. I’m fortunate for that opportunity because that is how I ended up where I am now, three days into my new job, which has been great so far.

This new job is what led Josh and I to sell our apartment in Hoboken and move to Connecticut. While, I am still bittersweet about the move, I know this opportunity was one that I would regret if I didn’t act on it. I miss Hoboken, our old apartment, and the easy access to NYC very much especially since we’re still living in a sea of boxes but I am grateful to be in this position. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of Josh and our families.

IMG_4296And on a personal/running note, this was definitely not the year for PRs but a lot of great milestones and experiences. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to run my first international race, the Virgin Money London Marathon in April with the AgeUK team. Later this fall, I ran my 10th half marathon in New York and my 8th marathon and 3rd NYC Marathon amidst a stressful time in our lives wrapping up my old job and preparing for the move. Training for and running any race requires the support of many people – those who you live with; those who have to hear you talk about it nonstop – be it coworkers, friends, family, the lunch guy or any one who will listen; and your teammates and coaches. While the race is an individual effort, the accomplishment is a team effort. I’m fortunate for all the support I continuously receive for all the crazy running adventures I go on.

2015 has been a great year and it’s not over yet (no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!). I will do my annual year-in-review recap in 2016 but in the meantime I’m so grateful for the opportunities and support.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you wonderful food and a great time with family and friends and some Black Friday shopping.

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